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Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

WQAD.com Student uses passion project to battle cancer WQAD.com

Student uses passion project to battle cancer

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- “It's been very difficult but I just want people to know it doesn't stay forever," said high school student Madi White. Madi was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer just three months ago. The tumor is inoperable, so Madi makes the trip to Iowa City everyday for treatment. Somehow, she still finds time to make it to class. “People are telling me (school's) not the most important thing right now but to me I want to keep it as the most important thing,” said White. School is the one place Madi can pursue her passion for welding. She hopes to make welding a career one day. “Madi started welding a couple years ago,” said Andy Zinn, Davenport West’s welding instructor.  "(She) came in as a small little ninth grade girl that wanted to take welding class; she was in a class with all boys by herself." Now, she is one of two girls in the class, and she doesn't shy away from the machines. “I like actually being able to make things, do things, that other people don't know how to do,” said Madi. Her current project is a bench with 26 ribbons, all a different color, for the 26 different kinds of cancer. The ribbon that symbolizes her cancer is a light grey. Madi didn't want the bench to only recognize her struggles, but everyone effected by cancer. “The design that she came up with for all of those she counted out all the different types, all the different types of ribbons everything there and put all that together on paper we took it to the computer and she took it from there,” Said Zinn. Cutting together what she loves, and the news that changed her life. “The challenges that she's had are pretty tough to be getting up every morning and coming to school,” said Zinn.  "She hasn't missed a beat and comes in every day working just like she has been." She isn't giving up on her future, and neither is anyone else. “It's just amazing that they can do so much, and make me feel normal,” said Madi. Davenport West is hosting a spaghetti dinner that will be served from 4:30-6:30 on Friday, January 18th. The cost of the dinner is $5 per person. Desserts will be available, and a free-will donation is suggested for dessert. There will also be a silent auction and 50/50 raffle. All the money raised will go towards covering, Madi's treatment costs.

WQAD.com Rockridge High School teacher wins statewide award WQAD.com

Rockridge High School teacher wins statewide award

TAYLOR RIDGE, ILLINOIS  --  Rockridge High School choir director, Curtis Fischer- Oelschlaeger, won the National Federation of State High School Association's Outstanding Music Educator Award. The award is given to one teacher in each state every year, making Oelschlaeger the Illinois 2018 winner. "It's very humbling," Oelschlaeger said. "Being this little small school on the west side of the state, to receive an honor like this is really pretty amazing." "He really deserved it," Rockridge High School student Alex Minyard said. "I couldn't imagine anyone else getting it." The award qualifies Fischer-Oelschlaeger for a national award in 2020. "Next year it will go to the national level," Oelschlaeger said. "I will be compared against some of the other state recipients." The Rockridge choir is four time state champions in music for it's school size. "We've been state champions in music for the past four years for our size schools," Oelschlaeger said." So, we're hoping to continue the tradition." "He's the one who taught me about music and how to make myself a better musician than I already was," Minyard said. Oelschlaeger also directs the color guard and theater department. "I don't do it for anything like that," Oelschlaeger said. "I do it for the love of music and for the kids, but when something like this comes out of it, it's nice too."

WQAD.com Clinton woman out $10,800 from winter door to door scammers WQAD.com

Clinton woman out $10,800 from winter door to door scammers

CLINTON, Iowa-- Sue Eastman doesn't claim to be the handiest homeowner on her street, but after just a glance at her driveway, most people would recognize she was lied to. "He said it was in really bad shape. You have the worst parking lot I've ever seen," says Eastman. "This is a flat out scam, absolutely," says Randy Meier, Director of Clinton County Sheriff's Seniors vs. Crime program. It started back in July. Eastman says her driveway was in perfectly fine shape. A man came to her door. "He said my driveway was the worst he's ever seen. He said it was crumbling," says Eastman. Eastman agreed to let the man do some work he called resurfacing. "All he did was put the oil on. He blew it off. A woman was with him, and then they put this can of oil on, brushed it on," says Eastman. Meier says the oil was likely used motor oil, not resurfacing material. The man put on the mystery oil twice, then charged Eastman $4,000. She wrote the check hoping to never see the man again. And she didn't until the third week of December. This time the man said her garage needed serious repair. "I said three or four times no, it's okay, it will outlive me. Oh no, we can have it done in no time at all. And then he wanted to fill in something over there, and I said no, no, nothing else," says Eastman. "In the case we're talking about here, they wouldn't leave. They were persistent. They beat the victim down basically to get her to hand over money," says Meier. The cost for "fixing" a crack in the garage floor and what the man called a leaky roof was $10,800 in total. Right now police are investigating. They say the man who did this to Eastman has a record of scamming others. "Maximum penalty for theft in the first degree is 10 years in prison," says Meier. Now Eastman is left trying to fix a solution that never needed fixing in the first place. "I got scammed probably worse than anyone has in the city of Clinton. It was a $10,800 lesson," says Eastman. Police say the easiest way to spot a door to door scammer is if they do not have a permit. In Clinton County, door to door sales people are required by law to have a permit with them at all times. Other red flags are if the person is pushy, and if they don't give you a written contract and receipt.


Davenport school bus involved in crash

It happened near 14th and Brown around 2:30 this afternoon.

WVIK 2018 Good Year for Farm Equipment Sales WVIK

2018 Good Year for Farm Equipment Sales

Despite a lot of uncertainty and a weak farm economy, 2018 was a good year for sales of farm equipment. Figures from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers show tractor sales in the US rose 7 per cent, and combine sales jumped 18 per cent, compared to the previous year.

WQAD.com Man arrested for felony animal cruelty after neutering neighbor’s cat WQAD.com

Man arrested for felony animal cruelty after neutering neighbor’s cat

Eden, NC (WGHP)- A North Carolina man was arrested Wednesday for felony animal cruelty after neutering his neighbor’s cat, according to a news release from the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office. According to authorities, Jordan Thomas Hall, 30, was at his neighbors’ home in Eden on Monday. Earlier in the evening, that neighbor had referenced having to take his cat to have him neutered. Hall offered to neuter the cat for Dickerson, but Dickerson declined his offer. At around 2 a.m. on Tuesday, after the neighbor and his girlfriend had gone to bed, he got up to check on Hall who was supposed to be sleeping in the living room of the home, but Hall and the cat were gone. Later, he found his cat bloody and his testicles had been removed. The neighbor became irate and confronted Hall, chasing him out of his residence before calling the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office. The cat, “Shna-Shna”, was taken by Rockingham County Animal Control to a local vet for treatment and is expected to survive. Hall was placed in the Rockingham County Detention Facility under a $5,000 secured bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 24.


Quad City Area Snow Emergency Information

Snow emergency information from Quad City area municipalities is posted on the KWQC News App..

WQAD.com Investigators ask for public’s help identifying toddler found dead in duffel bag WQAD.com

Investigators ask for public’s help identifying toddler found dead in duffel bag

SAN DIEGO - Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the skeletal remains of a boy found near a Rancho Bernardo park in 2004. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has teamed up with San Diego Police Department in the effort to identify the deceased child. On May 4, 2004, skeletal remains of a small boy were discovered by two hikers on a trail near the park and Interstate 15. The hikers noticed a green padded winter-type coat lying over a green and white duffle bag, according to SDPD. When they removed the coat and looked in the bag, they saw a human skull and bones. Red warm-up pants, gray-tan socks, a blue vest and two sweatshirts were also in the bag. Forensic Isotope Analysis determined the boy was likely between 2.5 and 3.5 years of age at the time of his death and he had been deceased for at least one year before he was found. The same analysis revealed the child’s mother likely spent time in the southeast while pregnant, may have lived in Texas shortly after the child was born, then moved to Southern California. NCMEC completed a facial reconstruction which shows what the child may have looked like. Anyone with information should contact SDPD, reference case number 04-029569. The group’s forensic team is currently assisting law enforcement with over 700 cases of unidentified deceased children.  

WQAD.com World-ranked bull rider dies from injuries WQAD.com

World-ranked bull rider dies from injuries

DENVER - A bull rider died from injuries he suffered during an event at the National Western Stock Show in Denver on Tuesday night. Mason Lowe of Exeter, Missouri, was ranked 18th in the world, according to the Professional Bull Riders Association. He had been a professional rider for seven years. The event he was scheduled to be competing in on Tuesday night was called the PBR Chute Out, a test of how long a rider can stay up and atop an out-of-control bull. "We are deeply saddened to report that Mason Lowe passed away this evening following injuries sustained at the PBR event in Denver," said Sean Gleason, president of the Professional Bull Riders Association. "The entire PBR and National Western sports family extends our heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to Mason’s wife Abbey and his family." Lowe, 25, had earned nearly $10,000 in competitions so far this year.

WVIK Zoo Welcomes Newborn Colobus Monkey WVIK

Zoo Welcomes Newborn Colobus Monkey

Niabi Zoo is celebrating one of Coal Valley's newest residents. Director Lee Jackson says last month, a 16-year-old Eastern Black and White Colobus monkey gave birth to a male, named Katavi. He's about six weeks old now.

WQAD.com N.C. school district drops lunches to ‘minimum level’ to conserve food during government shutdown WQAD.com

N.C. school district drops lunches to ‘minimum level’ to conserve food during government shutdown

VANCE COUNTY, N.C. — As the United States’ longest ever government shutdown lingers, a North Carolina school system said they’re bringing school lunches down to a “minimum.” “Due to the Federal Government Shutdown, lunch menus in Vance County Schools have been revised to a minimum level to conserve food and funding,” the district wrote in a Facebook post. Beginning next week, Vance County students will notice changes on their trays with the “minimum level” lunches. The district will no longer include fresh produce in lunches except at elementary schools in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. That program, however, will also be reduced down to two days a week. Bottled drinks, like water and juice, will only be available until stocks run dry. No ice cream will be available until further notice. With these changes, students can still expect to get a main dish, bread, two vegetables, one fruit and milk. “The Vance County Schools Nutrition Program for students is self-supporting with federal funds providing meals,” the district said. “We hope that normal lunch menus can be resumed as soon as possible once the shutdown has ended.”

WQAD.com Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ has the longest run atop Amazon since ‘Fifty Shades’ WQAD.com

Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ has the longest run atop Amazon since ‘Fifty Shades’

“Becoming” by Michelle Obama is not just one of the best-selling books of the past year — it is one of the hottest titles of the decade. The inspirational memoir by the former first lady has been on sale for more than two months, yet it is still No. 1 on Amazon’s constantly updated list of best-selling books. Amazon said “Becoming” enjoyed the longest streak at No. 1 for any book since “Fifty Shades of Grey” came out in 2012. No political tome or public figure’s memoir has ranked No. 1 for as long as “Becoming,” according to data the company provided to CNN Business. “Becoming” was released on November 13, specifically timed to maximize holiday season sales. It hit No. 1 on Amazon the Friday before the publication date and stayed there for nearly nine weeks. According to Amazon, it was No. 1 “most sold on Amazon across all formats for 47 consecutive days,” which is the longest streak since “Fifty Shades.” Another book briefly took the top spot on day 47, Amazon said, but “Becoming” returned to No. 1 and has stayed there practically ever since. Spot checks of the website this month have showed Obama holding steady at the top of the list, with Marie Kondō and Rachel Hollis following close behind. Obama eclipsed all of 2018’s Trump-related titles within a few weeks of being released. Pro-Trump books like “The Russia Hoax” and takedowns like “Fire and Fury” have performed remarkably well for publishers, but “Becoming” has had more staying power. Since 1995, when Amazon started keeping track of sales this way, only seven other titles had longer streaks at No. 1. Four of those were by JK Rowling: “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” in 2000, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” in 2003, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” in 2005, and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” in 2007. The other three were “Da Vinci Code” in 2003; “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose,” which came out in 2005, but hit No. 1 when Oprah Winfrey endorsed it in 2008; and “Fifty Shades of Grey” in 2012. The publishing house behind the book, Penguin Random House, declined to provide updated sales totals. But in its first week on sale, “Becoming” sold more than 1.4 million copies, the company said back in November. The publisher kept printing more copies to keep up with demand, but the book was still out of stock at some retailers at Christmas. What’s remarkable is that the book continues to sell so well, despite the early rush of demand. On a weekly basis, “Becoming” has “consistently held the No. 1 spot on its weekly Most Sold and Most Read nonfiction lists since the book was released in November,” Amazon said this week. The book has also ranked No. 1 on the New York Times’ nonfiction best seller list for eight consecutive weeks. Penguin Random House also has a deal to publish Barack Obama’s post-presidential memoir. That book does not yet have a publication date. The company paid an enormous sum — a reported $65 million — to acquire both books.

WQAD.com Coal Valley elementary school on lockdown WQAD.com

Coal Valley elementary school on lockdown

COAL VALLEY, Illinois — Bicentennial Elementary School was placed on lockdown Wednesday afternoon, January 16, according to a spokesperson with the Coal Valley Village Police Department. The lockdown went into effect around 1:15 p.m. Around 2:15 p.m. classes were being released one at a time.

WQAD.com Jayme Closs rescued herself. Should she get the $50,000 reward money? WQAD.com

Jayme Closs rescued herself. Should she get the $50,000 reward money?

A couple who called 911 and alerted authorities that Jayme Closs was at their home said they did not want a $50,000 reward for providing information on the abducted girl’s whereabouts. Kristin Kasinskas said that she and her husband, Peter, had not been approached by officials about the reward or where it may go. Still, they said if anyone does receive the reward, it should be Jayme. “Because she got herself out,” Kasinskas said. The question of what to do with that five-figure reward money comes a week after 13-year-old Jayme was found alive and well outside Gordon, Wisconsin, about 70 miles north of where she was last seen. Her parents were killed and she was abducted October 15 near Barron, Wisconsin, sparking an extensive law enforcement search for any signs or tips on her whereabouts. The FBI offered a $25,000 reward for any information leading to her rescue. In addition, the Jennie-O Turkey Store, the employer of her parents, Denise and James Closs, added another $25,000 to that reward. But a break in the case didn’t come until Jayme escaped from her captor and fled to safety on January 10. “Jayme was the hero in the case. Jayme was the champion that finally said enough is enough,” Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said. “We can’t be more proud of Jayme.” Now that she has been found alive, authorities are working to determine where the reward goes. Or if it’s awarded at all. Fitzgerald told CNN that he and the FBI will be consulting on the reward soon to make a decision about what happens with the money. FBI Milwaukee spokesman Leonard Peace also confirmed that the FBI is continuing to review the reward. “That’s a question for someone else other than me,” District Attorney Brian Wright said Monday. How she escaped For nearly three months, Jayme was kept in captivity after her kidnapping. She told investigators that she was often forced under her captor’s bed and blocked in by weights. But when he left the home for several hours last week, Jayme pushed aside the weights blocking her, put on a pair of his oversize shoes and ran outside the home. She came upon Jeanne Nutter, a neighbor out walking her dog. The two of them then went to a nearby home owned by the Kasinskas, who recognized the girl immediately from news reports. Together, they called police to let them know Jayme was alive and well. “I have a young lady at my house right now, and she has said her name is Jayme Closs,” Kasinskas said in the 911 call. “It is her. I 100% think it is her.” In the call, Nutter explains how she came across Jayme. “I was walking my dog, and we were almost home and she was walking toward me, crying, saying, ‘You got to help me, you got to help me,’ ” Nutter said. CNN has reached out to Nutter for comment about the reward. Jake Patterson, 21, has confessed to killing Jayme’s parents and kidnapping her, according to a criminal complaint. He was charged with two counts of intentional homicide and a count of kidnapping and armed burglary, and he was ordered held on $5 million bail.

WQAD.com How the TaxSlayer Center turns an ice rink into a rodeo stadium WQAD.com

How the TaxSlayer Center turns an ice rink into a rodeo stadium

MOLINE, Illinois — The TaxSlayer Center is saddling up for a rodeo, converting the hockey rink into a dirt arena. The Cinch World’s Toughest Rodeo is on Friday, Jan. 18, and Saturday, Jan. 19, and will feature bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, women’s barrel racing and even a rodeo monkey. But how does the TaxSlayer Center turn ice to dirt and back to ice again? Kevin Snodgrass, director of operations, told News 8 the ice actually never leaves. “The ice stays in year round so the time we put it in in September till we put it in April or May,” Snodgrass said. “We did it in basically about 12 hours … last night getting ready for the dirt to come in.” Snodgrass said crews covered the ice in several layers including fiberglass and wood to keep the ice safe and insulated. Then, 66 truckloads of dirt rolls in, eventually covering the floor in 6-8 inches. When the rodeo is over, it’s time to scrape it all back out. “More time is probably spent in the out because there’s more cleaning involved,” Snodgrass said. “Then, we have to reset for hockey.” The rodeo starts at 7:30 p.m. both nights.

OurQuadCities.com School in Coal Valley locked down 'passively' as police look for weapon OurQuadCities.com

School in Coal Valley locked down 'passively' as police look for weapon

A tip about a possible weapon led to a heavy police presence and "passive or soft lockdown" at Bicentennial Elementary in Coal Valley.Local 4 News witnessed officers searching bags before kids were being let out of school.A message sent to parents that Local 4 News obtained said the tip came in around 1:15 p.m. and students are being dismissed one class at a time.Kids were talking about officers coming into classrooms and checking book bags and cell phones.Moline and Coal Valley Police Department along with the Rock Island County Sheriff's Department are on the scene.This is a developing story. Stay tuned to Local 4 News, Fox 18 News and OurQuadCities.com for updates.  

WQAD.com WQAD.com

Iowa food stamps arrive early due to shutdown

DES MOINES, Iowa- The USDA will issue February’s SNAP benefits early. The Iowa Department of Human Services said in a press release February benefits will become available on January 17, 2019. These are still the normal February benefits, they are just being issued early. Due to the government shutdown, the Iowa DHS wanted to ensure life still runs as normal as possible. “We understand the importance of ensuring food security for Iowans in need and will do everything we can to ensure there is as little disruption as possible,” said Director Jerry Foxhoven. The DHS says in the upcoming weeks there may be increased call volume, which may impact the timeliness of returned calls. Contingency plans are being developed for March.  

WQAD.com Muscatine County suspends its use of slag for gravel roads WQAD.com

Muscatine County suspends its use of slag for gravel roads

MUSCATINE, Iowa (AP) — An eastern Iowa county has stopped using slag as the gravel on its roads, at least temporarily, because a state toxicologist reported that the steel manufacturing byproduct could be harmful, especially to children. Muscatine County supervisors voted Monday to suspend the use of slag while they wait for further testing on it, The Muscatine Journal reported. The move comes after Iowa Public Health Department toxicologist Stuart Schmitz issued a report that said slag contains metals at levels that can be harmful. Related: Muscatine County residents fighting against slag use on county roads Children exposed to high levels of manganese, which is in slag, could develop learning disabilities and adverse behavioral changes, according to a U.S. Department of Health report. Slag dust is also dangerous for adults who are exposed to high concentrations of the material, though adults would have to work “an entire workday, most days of the year,” to be harmed, Schmitz’s report said. The material hasn’t been used on roads since June, said County Supervisor Nathan Mather. “Simply put, we suspended the use of slag out of an abundance of caution while more information is gathered,” Mather said. Glenn Hundertmark is the North American environmental manager at Harsco, the industrial company that provides the county with slag. He said there aren’t health or environmental risks tied with the material. “We believe that any claims otherwise are completely meritless and based on mischaracterized, misinterpreted data,” Hundertmark said. Hundertmark requested time to provide additional information. He said samples of the slag were taken recently with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and results should be available soon.


City crews respond to water main break on River Drive in Davenport

At this time city officials do not believe customers are impacted.


Woman in Rhode Island arrested after 9-year-old dies in "unacceptable" conditions

One was placed on administrative leave and the three others were put on restricted duty.


Scott County Republicans question swift action taken against Iowa Rep. Steve King following remarks to The New York Times

Days after the GOP Steering committee unanimously voted to remove Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District Congressman Steve King from all of his committee assignments, The Scott County, Iowa Republicans party posted a Facebook post questioning the swift action.

WQAD.com WQAD.com

Scammer poses as Davenport police over the phone

DAVENPORT, Iowa- The Davenport Police Department warns against a telephone scammer impersonating the police. In a recent Facebook post the Davenport Police say a scam is  falsely threatening locals with arrest. The scammer uses an app to appear as the Davenport Police on caller ID. Then the scammer warns victims they will be arrested unless they pay a large fine. Instructions are then given on how to pay the fine over the phone with a pre-paid charge card. The Davenport police say they don’t solicit money over the phone. Plus, legal fines cannot be paid on those type of pre-paid cards. They ask if you receive a call, don’t pay the fine and report the call to the Davenport Police Department at 563-326-7979.

WVIK Financial Help for Federal Workers WVIK

Financial Help for Federal Workers

Financial help is now available for some federal workers not being paid during the partial government shutdown. For its members, the I-H Mississippi Valley Credit Union is offering to loan them up to 5,000 dollars for one year, with a 2 per cent interest rate, to make up for lost wages, and borrowers can miss one monthly payment at no charge, excluding mortgages.

WQAD.com Winter Weather Advisory south tonight… Snow on track to start the weekend WQAD.com

Winter Weather Advisory south tonight… Snow on track to start the weekend

First of two weather systems will be tracking across the area as early as overnight hours with the second still on track to start the weekend. Expect some light snowfall to begin sometime after midnight Thursday before slowly coming to an end near lunchtime.  For most, a good dusting to a half an inch is likely with roadways looking more wet than slippery.  The only exception will be along Highway 34 from Mount Pleasant, IA to Galesburg, IL. where up to an inch of snow is likely.   A mix of freezing rain is also likely and thus a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for this area from 9pm tonight to 9am Thursday morning.  Untreated roadways will have the biggest impact. We continue to track the potential for a stronger system by Friday night and Saturday. The track remains south of the area, keeping any heavy snows well south of the area as well.  Too early on snowfall amounts but given the snowfall road conditions will be a challenge as I expecting plenty of blowing and drifting on main roadways. As the system departs, temperatures will plummet later Saturday into Sunday with wind chills as cold as the minus teens Sunday night into Monday morning. Highs will struggle to get out of the single digits above zero that Sunday as well. Chief meteorologist James Zahara Download the News 8 Weather App — for iOS, click here and for Android, click here Download the free News 8 App — for iOS, click here and for Android, click here

WQAD.com FDA expands list of recalled dog food; 9 brands pulled for making dogs violently ill WQAD.com

FDA expands list of recalled dog food; 9 brands pulled for making dogs violently ill

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has expanded its recall of dog food brands that have too much vitamin D, which could make your pet sick. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for dogs, but very high amounts can cause serious health problems like kidney failure or death. The recalled products were sold nationwide, and the FDA says the list of recalled products could continue to grow. The list includes: NUTRISCA Chicken and Chickpea Dry Dog Food NATURAL LIFE PET PRODUCTS Chicken & Potato Dry Dog Food SUNSHINE MILLS, INC. Old Glory Hearty Turkey and Cheese Flavor Dog Food Evolve Chicken & Rice Puppy Dry Dog Food Sportsman’s Pride Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food Triumph Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food ANF, INC. ANF Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food LIDL (Orlando brand) Orlando Grain-Free Chicken & Chickpea Superfood Recipe Dog Food KROGER Abound Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food ELM PET FOODS, INC. ELM Chicken and Chickpea Recipe ELM K9 Naturals Chicken Recipe AHOLD DELHAIZE Nature’s Promise Chicken & Brown Rice Dog Food Nature’s Place Real Country Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food KING SOOPERS Abound Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food You can find the full list of bag sizes and lot numbers here.


Texas man sentenced on child porn charges, involves girls from Iowa and Illinois

Barnwell was ordered to remain on supervised release for the rest of his life when he completes the prison term.


Gov. Reynolds proposing to give felons voting rights back

The proposal was made Tuesday as part of Reynolds' Condition of the State address to lawmakers.

Quad-City Times Quad-City Times

Genesis, WesleyLife to collaborate on new senior living community

Genesis Health Systems and WesleyLife will collaborate on a new senior living community in Bettendorf, the organizations announced today.

Quad-City Times Codfish Hollow makes first show announcement of 2019 Quad-City Times

Codfish Hollow makes first show announcement of 2019

Codfish Hollow has released a first look at its 2019 show schedule.


Mega Millions ticket worth $1M sold in central Iowa

Iowa Lottery officials say someone who bought a Mega Millions ticket at a central Iowa convenience store won a $1 million prize.

Quad-City Times Noon update: Mostly cloudy this afternoon Quad-City Times

Noon update: Mostly cloudy this afternoon

WQAD.com Increase in passengers shows signs of stabilization at QC International Airport WQAD.com

Increase in passengers shows signs of stabilization at QC International Airport

MOLINE, Illinois - The year 2018 was a successful year for the Quad City International Airport. There was an increase in passengers by more than 6%, according to new data released by airport executives. That means there are more people flying into and out of the airport. Airport leaders say airlines have gotten "really good" at filling empty seats on planes. Executive Director of the Metropolitan Airport Authority, Ben Leischner, says that keeping those seats filled helps to keep ticket prices down. When ticket prices are low, more families book vacations, and more people skip the drive from the Quad City Area to Chicago, and choose to fly. The stabilization comes after nearly a decade of a downward spiral. 2018 was the first year the airport saw an increase in passengers since 2010. It is also the most promising sign of stabilization at the airport since AirTran left the Quad City in 2012, according to Leischner. The stabilization means good things for the airport, in terms of potential growth. "It could be bigger airplanes flying to existing markets, it could be increased frequency to markets already served, or it could be the kind of exciting piece, which is new markets." Leischner told News 8. Still though, the actual number of passengers flying in and out of the airport is down 1% from the year 2016. Leaders say that just means more work needs to be done as the stabilization continues.

Quad-City Times Who's in the news? Curtis Claeys Quad-City Times

Who's in the news? Curtis Claeys

Curtis Claeys of DeWitt has been named the 2018 Outstanding Commercial Producer for the state of Iowa by the Iowa Cattlemen's Association.

Quad-City Times Insects found at Clinton High School were not bed bugs Quad-City Times

Insects found at Clinton High School were not bed bugs

Two insects discovered earlier this week at Clinton High School were not bed bugs.

WQAD.com WQAD.com

Man charged with murder in death of woman found near Muscatine

MUSCATINE COUNTY, Iowa — A man who was previously arrested as a “material witness” is now being charged with the murder of a woman whose body was found in Muscatine. Douglas Joseph Foster, 35, of Marion, was charged with first-degree murder on January 15, according to an affidavit from Muscatine County. On January 7, Lea Ponce called and messaged several people looking for a ride to Cedar Rapids. Her messages showed she was afraid of getting killed by someone the affidavit is calling “Individual A.” The report states that “Individual A” thought Ponce had stolen meth from a hotel room. The individual knew she had taken the drugs and told several people there was a bounty, which would be paid in meth, for anyone who could find her. Ponce made arrangements with Foster, who she already knew, according to the affidavit. Surveillance video shows Ponce got into Foster’s white GMC pickup truck at 12:32 a.m. at the Muscatine Walmart. This was the last time she was seen before her body was recovered along the side of Highway 38, just outside of Muscatine. Before picking her up, the affidavit shows that Foster was talking about harming someone he was planning to pick up in a text argument with a female acquaintance. He texted that he would “turn her over to get (expletive) beaten have (sic) to death.” Phone records show that Foster called “Individual A” at 12:47 a.m.  and had a conversation that lasted almost two minutes. The affidavit shows that on January 9, the term “muskatine  (sic) news” was searched on his phone around 9 a.m. and the term “muskatine (sic) murder” was searched at 6:45 p.m. A news release was issued in the afternoon on January 8 which indicated investigators were looking into what happened but “at no time did law enforcement refer to the death of Ponce as a murder until Foster was taken into custody as a material witness,” read the affidavit. An autopsy shows Ponce died from blunt force trauma to the head. Her injuries indicate she was struck by a vehicle, dragged by a vehicle and was thrown or jumped from a vehicle. Foster was arrested on Jan. 10 in Marion, Iowa.

OurQuadCities.com Man charged with murder in death investigation of woman found along highway OurQuadCities.com

Man charged with murder in death investigation of woman found along highway

A man arrested last week as a material witness in the death investigation of a woman found dead along an Iowa state highway is now charged with murder.Muscatine County Attorney Alan R. Ostergren announced Tuesday that a first degree murder charge has been filed against Douglas Joseph Foster, 35, of Marion, Iowa for the death of Lea Ponce of Fairfield, Iowa.Her body was found early January 8 on the side of Iowa Highway 38 just north of the intersection with County Road F70.Surveillance video shows that Ponce was dropped off at the Muscatine Walmart at 12:27 a.m. on January 8. She went into the store to use the restroom and then went to the parking lot, where she got into Foster's white GMC pickup truck. Ponce got into the truck at 12:32 a.m.According to the criminal complaint, "Foster's telephone further shows that January 9, 2019, he searched the term 'muskatine (sic) news' at 8:54 a.m. and the term 'muskatine (sic) murder' at 6:45 p.m. It should be noted that an MCSO news release was issued on January 8, 2019, at 2:07 p.m. to the effect that investigators were looking into the circumstances of a deceased female on the side of the road on Highway 38. The news release was updated January 9, 2019, at 5:42 p.m. with the identity of the deceased individual. At no time did law enforcement refer to the death of Ponce as a murder until Foster was taken into custody as a material witness."A search warrant was executed on Foster's vehicle on Monday and investigators located plastic cable ties "that were configured in a way consistent with how law enforcement uses them to detain or arrest subjects to prevent movement of their hands."Preliminary autopsy results indicate that Ponce died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. Her injuries are consistent with a person being struck by a motor vehicle, dragged by a motor vehicle and being thrown from or jumping from a motor vehicle.Foster made an initial appearance before a judge today at 9 a.m. the Muscatine County Courthouse.EARLIER UPDATEA material witness was arrested Thursday in the death investigation of a woman found dead along an Iowa state highway earlier this week. Muscatine County Attorney Alan R. Ostergren announced that Douglas Joseph Foster has been arrested in the investigation of the death of Lea Ponce. Ponce was found deceased on the shoulder of Iowa Highway 38 between Muscatine and Wilton on Tuesday in the early morning hours.Foster, 35, of Marion, Iowa was arrested Thursday evening as a material witness to the killing of Ponce.Under Iowa law, a peace officer may take a material witness to a crime into custody when there is probable cause to believe the witness would not be available for the service of a subpoena to appear at a subsequent hearing or trial.Foster is being held in the Muscatine County Jail on a $50,000 cash-only bond.The allegation that an individual is a material witness is not an allegation that the individual has committed a crime. As with any allegation made by a law enforcement officer or prosecutor, a person alleged to be a material witness has the right to a determination of the allegation's merit in a court proceeding.The Muscatine County Sheriff's Office immediately commenced an investigation. They have been aided in the investigation by the Iowa State Patrol, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, the Muscatine Police Department, the Muscatine County Drug Task Force, the Coralville Police Department, the Iowa City Police Department, the Cedar Rapids Police Department, the Marion Police Department, and the Muscatine County Attorney's Office.EARLIER UPDATE: The woman found dead along an Iowa state highway has been identified.Authorities identified the victim as 20-year-old Lea Renae Ponce of Fairfield, Iowa. Muscatine County deputies spotted her laying by the side of the Iowa Highway 38 just north of the intersection with 155th Street. There's no determination of any foul play.EARLIER UPDATEA woman was found dead early Tuesday on the side of Iowa Highway 38 just north of the intersection with County Road F70.The Muscatine County Sheriff's Office received a call around 1 a.m. about a woman on the side of the road.When deputies arrived, the woman was dead. Iowa 38 was shut down for an investigation.The woman's identity is not being released at this time. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.The Iowa State Patrol, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and the Muscatine County Attorney's Office are assisting the investigation.

Quad-City Times Niabi Zoo welcomes new baby monkey Quad-City Times

Niabi Zoo welcomes new baby monkey

COAL VALLEY — Katavi, An Eastern black and white colobus monkey has been born at Niabi Zoo.

WQAD.com The 2019 Mississippi Valley Fair entertainment list is now complete WQAD.com

The 2019 Mississippi Valley Fair entertainment list is now complete

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Mississippi Valley Fair officials announced the final act for the 2019 entertainment line up on Jan. 16. Brooks & Dunn filled the Wednesday slot and completed the list. The duo formed in Nashville in 1988 and have sold more records than any other duo, including Simon & Garfunkel, according to All Music. Here’s the complete list of acts: Tuesday – Dan + Shay Wednesday – Brooks & Dunn Thursday – Jake Owen Friday – Tesla Saturday – Nickelback Sunday – Brad Paisley The fair will go from July 30 – Aug. 4. Read: Nickelback joins lineup for 2019 Mississippi Valley Fair

Quad-City Times Woman found dead in Barstow not dressed for weather Quad-City Times

Woman found dead in Barstow not dressed for weather

BARSTOW — Investigators do not believe a woman found dead outside her home Monday morning had been there long, and she was not dressed for the weather when discovered.

WQAD.com Man found guilty in shooting death of anti-violence activist WQAD.com

Man found guilty in shooting death of anti-violence activist

DAVENPORT, Iowa — A jury has found 37-year-old Deondra Thomas guilty in the shooting death of 46-year-old Jason Roberts in downtown Davenport last June. The verdict came down Wednesday morning, January 16, after jurors heard several days of testimony.  Thomas was also found guilty on a charge of firearms possession by a felon. Roberts was one of the founders of the Quad Cities group ‘Boots on the Ground’ a grassroots effort to fight the very thing that killed him, gun violence, an issue that’s become commonplace in the Quad Cities.


Iowa City officials warn of scam that asks for money and personal information

Officials say police will never ask for personal information over the phone and will never ask for financial information.

Quad-City Times Brooks & Dunn round out Mississippi Valley Fair's grandstand lineup Quad-City Times

Brooks & Dunn round out Mississippi Valley Fair's grandstand lineup

The Mississippi Valley Fair's six-day grandstand lineup is now complete.

WVIK Wednesday, January 16, 2019 WVIK

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday morning's WVIK newscast for Jan. 16, 2019: Renowned author to headline Davenport schools career expo Iowa Gov. Reynolds: restore voting rights to people with felony convictions Eastern Iowa Community Colleges offers more ways for adults to finish high school

OurQuadCities.com No refunds for parking tickets during snow emergency OurQuadCities.com

No refunds for parking tickets during snow emergency

Davenport says it won't dismiss any parking tickets on a posted snow route. The city had two snow emergencies this week.One from this past weekend and one Monday night in the downtown and Hilltop neighborhoods. The city encourages everyone to sign up for direct notifications for snow emergencies.   


U.S. Military: American service members killed following explosion in Syria

The military said in a tweet about Wednesday's blast in the northern Syrian town of Manbij: "We are still gathering information and will share additional details at a later time."


Suspect's father: 'All I care about' is Jayme's family

The father of a Wisconsin man accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl and killing her parents says he cares about the girl's family.


Man charged with vehicular homicide in Polk County double fatality crash

A man has been charged in a double fatality crash that took place in Polk County in late December, the Iowa Department of Public Safety said Tuesday night.


Man arrested in Des Moines after police say he had IED at sushi restaurant

Washington claimed he made an explosive device while sitting in the restaurant.

Quad-City Times Quad-City Times


Scott County Attorney Mike Walton said in his closing argument Tuesday that Delmont Thomas, cousin of murder defendant Deondra Thomas, testified he was driving a maroon SUV when he heard gunshots the morning of June 9. Deondra Thomas then got…

WQAD.com Watch: Demo explosions drop old New York bridge gracefully into Hudson WQAD.com

Watch: Demo explosions drop old New York bridge gracefully into Hudson

NEW YORK — Explosions sent the old Tappan Zee bridge straight down into the Hudson River on Jan. 15. A report by ABC says  the bridge was replaced by the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, which carries I-87 traffic over the Hudson River about 30 miles north of New York City. The bridge remained half-submerged after the demolition, the report states. Crews will extract the pieces for recycling.

WQAD.com Giant rotating ice disk draws attention, visitors WQAD.com

Giant rotating ice disk draws attention, visitors

WESTBROOK, Maine (AP) — Think of it as a crop circle, but in a river. A curious formation that’s getting attention in Greater Portland is actually a spinning ice disk that is roughly 100 yards (91 meters) wide. The formation in the Presumpscot River was widely shared on social media and has drawn comparisons to an alien spacecraft, a carousel and the moon. The oddity drew a crowd that stood mesmerized by the slow-turning disk Tuesday afternoon in Westbrook. The ice formation is believed to have formed naturally in a part of the river where there’s a circular current that creates a whirlpool effect, said Tina Radel, the city’s marketing and communications manager. Locals say they’ve seen smaller ice disks before, but nothing like this one, Radel said. Rob Mitchell, who owns a nearby office building, spotted the alien-looking disk Monday morning and immediately notified the city. Officials say the disk is spinning slowly counter-clockwise, and has served as a big raft for ducks and other birds. “The ducks were rotating on this big Lazy Susan,” Mitchell said.


Davenport police warn of scam that asks for money to avoid being arrested

Davenport police say they will not attempt to solicit money from anyone over the phone and legal fines cannot be paid on those types of pre-paid cards.

WQAD.com COMING SOON: New Segment Airs on Good Morning Quad Cities Featuring New Development Projects WQAD.com

COMING SOON: New Segment Airs on Good Morning Quad Cities Featuring New Development Projects

What's going in here? What's happening over there? These are questions we all ask as we drive around town and Good Morning Quad Cities' newest segment - Coming Soon - is about answering those questions. Here are this week's updates: John Deere Road and 16th Street, Moline John Deere Road and 16th Street, Moline FedEx Office opens Wednesday, January 16th in its new location at the northeast corner of John Deere Road and 16th Street. FedEx Office is moving from its old location by the old Best Buy to this new location. According to Ray Forsythe, Moline's Director of Planning and Development, Moe's Southwest Grill is also going in this new building. It's opening its first Illinois Quad Cities location (its Iowa Quad Cities location is at the corner of Utica Ridge Road and 53rd Street in Davenport). Forsythe told WQAD News 8 this location is set to open in late winter or early spring. John Deere Road and 16th Street, Moline There's also a lot of work being done on the old building next to this new one. Forsythe said Jersey Mike's is filling one part. Construction is expected to start this month on the sub shop and this new location is already listed on its website. Forsythe adds that UnityPoint Health is also opening a new medical facility in this spot. There's no timeline on either of these projects yet. Brady Street and Kimberly Road, Davenport The gas station is gone and now a new strip mall sits in its place. A company from Michigan is behind it - making its first investment in Iowa. One of the businesses is already open: Stanton Optical does eye exams and sells glasses. As for what's going next door, the developers told WQAD News 8 they're still looking for a tenant.


Niabi Zoo celebrates birth of Eastern Black and White Colobus monkey

The monkey, Katavi, is a male and was born on December 9. His parents are 16-year-old mom Shirati and 12-year-old dad Tuli.

WVIK National Expert Headlines Davenport Schools Career NIght WVIK

National Expert Headlines Davenport Schools Career NIght

A nationally-known author and speaker will headline this week's Career Night Expo for the Davenport schools. Drawing on his experiences in marketing, and as a single parent, Mark Perna wrote "Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations."


Illinois couple faces up to 60 years in prison after starvation death of 6-year-old

Court records show a Wednesday sentencing hearing is scheduled for Michael L. Roberts and Georgena L. Roberts of Jerseyville.


Lane restriction scheduled in Muscatine beginning on Wednesday

Signage and cones will be put in place. Drivers are being asked to alternate.

WQAD.com Late-week system still on track to bring accumulating snows WQAD.com

Late-week system still on track to bring accumulating snows

We’re slowly beginning to get a clearer picture of what our next potent storm system will bring in terms of snow and wind as we head into the start of the upcoming weekend. The latest trends continue to suggest that we will be dealing with another round of accumulating snow late Friday night into much of the day on Saturday. Because we are still 3-4 days out from seeing the first impacts from this system, snowfall totals have not yet come in line and confidence remains low on how much snow we will actually see. Looking at accumulation probabilities, there is at least a 50% probability of seeing at least four inches of snow in much of the Quad City region by Saturday evening, with lower probabilities to the north. This storm system will be working with much colder air compared to our previous weekend system. Take a look at the strength of the cold to our north where temperatures are below zero in many locations, especially north of the U.S. Canadian border. The storm will use the energy created by the sharp differences in temperatures to drive an area of low pressure that will move from the Southern Plains into parts of downstate Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky by Saturday. As of right now, the strength of the storm remains the same, though the timing continues to shift a bit more into Saturday, with snow beginning by midnight and wrapping up sometime Saturday afternoon. One key difference with this storm system will be the type of snow we’ll experience and the stronger winds along with dangerous wind chills. The storm last weekend contained snow that had a higher content of water because it fell while temperatures were close to freezing. This time around temperatures will be in the 20s, making for fluffier snowflakes. These are the kind that typically accumulates better and will also blow around more easily. With winds expecting to nearly double, blowing and drifting snow will surely be a concern as we get into Saturday. Then, as the system wraps itself up and heads east, a surge of arctic air will dive down from the north creating dangerous wind chills for Sunday and Monday. Highs will be limited to the single digits and wind chill values will likely approach 20 degrees below zero at times. Bottom Line: By Thursday morning we’ll have an early look at where the heaviest snow will fall and what kind of accumulation can be expected. Stay on top of this storm system, especially if you plan to travel this weekend. Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke

WQAD.com Scam LinkedIn account impersonated U. of Iowa president WQAD.com

Scam LinkedIn account impersonated U. of Iowa president

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A LinkedIn account that impersonated University of Iowa’s president and privately asked people for money and financial information has been shut down. University spokeswoman Jeneane Beck says the account purporting to belong to UI President Bruce Harreld was a scam. She says the school was alerted to it Sunday and worked to have it removed. By then, the fake account had more than two dozen connections, including John Batchelor, who recently earned an Iowa State University graduate degree. The Harreld impersonator sent Batchelor greetings through private message, then said he was very busy and asked Batchelor to do him a favor and send him $500 in iTunes gift cards for his nephew’s birthday. The scammer asked Batchelor to send his bank account information so that he could pay him back Monday. Beck says the university isn’t aware of anyone actually falling for the scam.

OurQuadCities.com Brooks and Dunn join Mississippi Valley Fair lineup OurQuadCities.com

Brooks and Dunn join Mississippi Valley Fair lineup

The final piece of the Mississippi Valley Fair puzzle was announced on Wednesday.Brooks and Dunn will be the July 31 grandstand act."It's exciting, especially being our 100th year," general manager Shawn Loter said. "I think this is one of our best weeks yet."The fair runs July 30 through August 4.Tuesday will be Dan + Shay.Thursday will be Jake Owen.Friday will be Tesla.Saturday is Nickelback.Sunday will be Brad Paisley. EARLIER UPDATENickelback is coming to the Quad Cities, the Mississippi Valley Fair announced on Wednesday.Nickelback will be the August 3 grandstand act for the fair.The fair runs July 30 through August 4.Tuesday will be Dan + Shay.Thursday will be Jake Owen.Friday will be Tesla.Saturday is Nickelback.Sunday will be Brad Paisley. The Wednesday grandstand act has yet to be announced.EARLIER UPDATEThe Mississippi Valley Fair announced its 2019 concert lineup on Tuesday. The fair runs July 30 through August 4.Tuesday will be Dan + Shay.Wednesday is to be determined.Thursday will be Jake Owen.Friday will be Tesla.Saturday is yet to be determined and Sunday will be Brad Paisley. 


Brooks & Dunn announced as final act for Mississippi Valley Fair

The Mississippi Valley Fair will be celebrating 100 years this year. The fair will begin on July 30 and run until August 4.

WQAD.com River Center transformed into Pool Hall for regional tournament WQAD.com

River Center transformed into Pool Hall for regional tournament

DAVENPORT, Iowa – If you walk into the River Center on January 16, you might stumble upon a giant pool hall. That’s because the  Omega Billiards American Cue Sports Alliance (ACS) Midwest 8-Ball Championships are taking place Jan. 16 through Sunday Jan. 20. More than 800 players be in the Quad Cities to compete for a grand prize totaling nearly $50,000. There are 80 pool tables to play on, and 15 divisions players will compete in. This is the second year the event is being held in the Quad Cities. ACS Midwest Executive Director John Lewis joined WQAD’s Ryan Jenkins on Good Morning Quad Cities to explain the connection  pool has to the QCA and to describe how much demand exists for Billiards tournaments in the United States. Players in the tournament are part of pool leagues throughout the Midwest. If you'd like to watch them in action, you can attend for free Jan. 16 - Jan. 20. Here is the full Tournament Schedule: Wed, Jan. 16:                           12 pm - Men’s & Women’s Senior Singles/ Scotch Doubles (Man/Woman) Thurs., Jan. 17:                        10 am - Men’s & Women’s Open/Standard 3 pm - Men’s & Women’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles Fri., Jan. 18:                              12 pm - Men’s & Women’s 9-Ball Singles 8 pm - Men’s & Women’s 4-Person 8-Ball Teams Sat.-Sun., Jan. 19-20:            Men’s & Women’s Open/Standard 8-Ball Teams   The tournament also provides some economic benefits as well, according to leaders with "Visit Quad Cities." “We’re thrilled to serve as host of the 2019 ACS Midwest 8-Ball Championships,” said Dave Herrell, President and CEO, Visit Quad Cities.  “800 of the best pool players will compete for four days in the 8-Ball Tournament showcasing their talent at the RiverCenter.  Sporting events are incredibly important for our economic development and branding efforts and we are grateful for the partnership that we have with American Cue Sports in hosting their championship event.” For more information about American Cue Sports, click here.

WQAD.com WQAD.com

Pritzker gives raises to state workers on first day, issues 2 executive orders

Gov. J.B. Pritzker gave un-budgeted raises to state workers, signed a law designed to promote diversity, and issued two executive orders that he said would help working families. On his first full day as Illinois’ new chief executive, Pritzker held a news conference inside his second-floor office at the State Capitol in Springfield to announce the actions. Pritzker said he’ll ensure that certain union employees who have not received automatic annual pay raises since 2015 get their appropriate step increases going forward, but not back pay. Former Gov. Bruce Rauner came to terms with more than a dozen unions for new contracts over four years, but never came to terms with the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Council 31 union, essentially freezing the automatic pay raises since 2015. The administration didn’t respond to comments about if the step increase moving forward is only for state employees who are members of the union, or for all union-eligible state workers, even those who don’t pay dues. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that public employees can’t be forced to pay a union they don’t want to belong to as a condition of public employment. Pritzker didn’t answer a question about how much it would cost or how it would be paid for. The step increases weren’t included in the budget lawmakers approved in May. The order didn’t address the issue of back pay for about 14,000 state employees. Former Gov. Bruce Rauner had frozen the automatic compounding pay hikes when he took office in 2015 because he said lawmakers never appropriated money to pay for them. In 2018, an Illinois Labor Relations Board Compliance Officer ordered the state to pay back wages to those union employees. The cost for that could top $412 million. Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider said the new Democratic governor is already spending an “undefined amount of taxpayer dollars on state employee pay increases.” Monday “we heard promises from Pritzker that he would work with Democrats and Republicans to balance the budget,” Schneider said. “Yet today, Pritzker unilaterally made reckless spending promises without specifying the costs, creating more budget uncertainty. It’s clear – the Pritzker agenda is the same agenda that has dragged our state down for decades – borrow, tax, spend, repeat.” Pritzker also ordered all state agencies to follow project labor agreements and prevailing wage laws in contracting. “It’s very important for us to establish on Day 1 that this is a very different kind of administration and we’re focused on lifting up working families,” Pritzker said when asked how he’d balance the expected increased cost. Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Marc Scribner said prevailing wage laws and project labor agreements increase the cost of public projects. “But when you have a high union density your construction workforce is unionized already and they’re the ones that are going to end up getting the contract,” Scribner said. Union leaders praised the move. “I applaud Gov. Pritzker for taking immediate action to lift up the middle class and those striving to get there,” Mike Carrigan, president the Illinois AFL-CIO, said in a statement. “Signing this package of legislation and executive orders on his first full day in office shows that Gov. Pritzker is putting working families first.” Unions across the state supported Pritzker’s campaign after the landmark Supreme Court decision in the Janus v. AFSCME case, which stopped public workers from being forced to join a union as a condition of public employment. Another executive order Pritzker signed Tuesday requires state agencies to review audits and comply with state transparency laws. “There are obligations of state government to report information, data for example, as well as comply with certain laws that have been passed in prior years that were not complied with by the prior administration,” Pritzker said. “We want to make sure we know what all of those issues are and make sure we are implementing those.” The law Pritzker signed protects the wages of workers and promotes gender and racial diversity in companies with state contracts, his office said in a news release.

WQAD.com Video shows women dancing on roof of SUV on St. Louis highway WQAD.com

Video shows women dancing on roof of SUV on St. Louis highway

ST. LOUIS, Missouri — Video shared on Facebook shows a bizarre site along a St. Louis highway – two women twerking on top of a vehicle while a third woman records the risky spectacle, according to KTVI. “Leaving work today & see this……No comment ” wrote Jackie Friedhoff, who posted two videos of the incident to social media on Monday. The videos have gone viral with thousands of reactions on Facebook. “They could fall off of the car and cause other drivers to wreck. It’s a dangerous situation for themselves and other drivers,” a spokesperson for the St. Louis Police Dept. told KSDK. “They could fall off and create a fatal accident. We do not encourage anyone to try anything like this ever. You are supposed to be in your car when you drive.” After viewing the video, the spokesperson said police could have cited the women for for riding outside of a vehicle, failing to use a seatbelt, lack of state license plate and possibly a failure to maintain the posted minimum speed. It’s not clear whether or not St. Louis authorities will try to track down the women seen in the video.

Quad-City Times Rick's Six: Snow tonight, cracking down on illegal businesses, new bar, grill opens in Bettendorf, and spotlight on preps Quad-City Times

Rick's Six: Snow tonight, cracking down on illegal businesses, new bar, grill opens in Bettendorf, and spotlight on preps

A good Wednesday to all. Snow is once again heading our way. Here are the weather details from the National Weather Service.

Quad-City Times Quad-City Times

Births for Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019


Tuesday, January 15th, 2019


Recent crashes involving law enforcement working on the highway serve as a reminder to drive safe

144 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty in 2018. The website reports 47 of the deaths involved a vehicle in some way, whether that be the officer being hit by a car or killed in a car crash.

WQAD.com RICO Board approves analysis of Hope Creek Care Center WQAD.com

RICO Board approves analysis of Hope Creek Care Center

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-- With a vote of 13-10, the Rock Island County Board approved a study that will look at the county-run nursing home's financial situation and future. The comprehensive cost-benefit analysis will be completed by Management Performance Associates, the company that previously managed the care center before the county terminated the contract, county board members said. But some board members and people living in the county say the study is a waste of time and money. "It's also on the agenda for you to hear and vote to spend $29,000 to hear a consultant to tell you what you need to hear or what you want to hear to clear your conscience," Don Pearson said during the public comment portion of the meeting. Board member Richard Morthland said it will only tell the board what they already know about the facility's finances. But other board members say the study is the first step to start fixing the problem. "I hope this new MPA review will give us some enlightenment of where we are today, what's possible and what's not possible and how to work within our means," board member Rodney Simmer says. The analysis is supposed to be done within 90 days, by the end of February. It will not only look at Hope Creek but also its marketability and challenges other nursing homes are facing in the area. MPA will also provide suggestions for how to move forward, whether that means selling the facility or starting a private/public partnership. Board members say they'll have to work quickly and make tough decisions after getting the results. Simmer says the care center will run out of credit near the end of the year unless action is taken. "Hopefully (MPA) can come up with some ideas that will get us out of this crisis we're in," he says. Some board members expressed frustration that this problem has been kicked down the road in the past. "Maybe we should have looked at an in-depth analysis like this sooner," Board Chairman Richard Quijas Burnk says. "I think this board is prepared to make some tough decisions." Hope Creek is more than $4 million in debt.


Muscatine man charged with homicide in death of 20-year-old woman

A Marion, Iowa man is facing First Degree Murder charges in the death of a 20-year-old found dead on the side of Highway 38 between Muscatine and Wilton on January 8, 2019.

OurQuadCities.com Icestravaganza brings ice sculptures, family fun to downtown Davenport OurQuadCities.com

Icestravaganza brings ice sculptures, family fun to downtown Davenport

Icestravaganza is back in Downtown Davenport this Saturday.It's put together by the Downtown Davenport Partnership, which focuses on the strategic growth and beautification of Downtown Davenport. Icestravaganza's goal is to show off the area as a cool place in more ways than one and help attract people and businesses to the region.Icestravaganza is a family-friendly, free event. It's now in its seventh year. Artists will begin preparing and carving ice on Wednesday and by event start time on Saturday, many of the sculptures will really start coming to life.From 11-4 p.m., visitors can come down and catch live demonstrations of the ice sculptors working their magic and take photos next to the finished products. This year's theme, the Great American Road-Trip, will inspire professional ice sculptors to carve iconic American symbols from ice.This year, there will be 24,000 pounds of ice and four sculptors from the region who transform the Freight House with 10+ sculptures.They've also expanded, now working with the Davenport Public Library to provide games, crafts, cookie decorating, balloon animals and story time. There will be a Western-themed nerf-gun shooting range, and the Quad City Storm will have a hockey slap shot. Fans also will have the chance to meet Radar, the team's mascot and King Olaf will be around too for kids to meet.This year, there's also an after party for adults at Front Street Brewery. The after party will include drinks served from a western saloon made of ice. Tickets are $10 in advance.

OurQuadCities.com Audit will look for hope at Hope Creek OurQuadCities.com

Audit will look for hope at Hope Creek

Rock Island County Board members are hoping an audit will find some hope for Hope Creek.The board approved the $29,000 audit Tuesday night.County Administrator Jim Snider said the nursing home is projected to have about a $3 million deficit this year, so the goal of the audit is to see how and if Hope Creek generate revenue.But not all the board members are happy with the company being hired for the audit: Management Performance Associates.  MPA used to manage Hope Creek, but in 2011 the board terminated the contract. "We didn't just break ties. We fired them," said board member Lauren Loftin. Loftin is a new face on the board this year, but this isn't her first time dealing with MPA. She was a board member in 2009 when the county first hired them. "Just to re-hire someone that did not service us well before was unacceptable for me," Loftin said.Hope Creek's financial problems aren't new. Loftin said they hired MPA back then to increase the nursing home's revenue. "When that didn't happen we did not have the funds to continue to add money to a problem," Loftin said.Loftin was one of 10 board members who voted against hiring MPA.County Administrator Jim Snider said this time will be different. MPA isn't managing, but seeing where the Hope Creek could make money."I've definitely done my due diligence," Snider said. "I've reached out to members of the staff and community and on the board saying, 'Tell me about your experience.'" He said back then the board wasn't giving MPA control."They weren't allowed to really bring forth the changes and improvements that they needed to," Snider said.MPA previously worked with Stephenson County's nursing home when Snider was their county administrator. He says MPA turned their county home around and that's what needs to happen at Hope Creek.However, Loftin said that's $29,000 she'd rather see spent somewhere else."We can do a better job with our money," she said.Snider said now they'll send MPA  data over the next few weeks, and the company will be in town at the end of February for the audit. Results will be ready 90 days after that.

OurQuadCities.com Hope Creek's advisory board president resigns OurQuadCities.com

Hope Creek's advisory board president resigns

The turmoil continues at Hope Creek as the nursing home's advisory board president resigns.Jessey Hullon, who has been the president since the board was created in 2016, resigned today. Hullon told Local 4 News there are two main issues with the advisory board. The first is that it doesn't have any legislative power because that belongs to the elected officials on the county board. The second is that Hullon said there's no communication between the advisory board and county officials or the county board. Hullon said any time there's been a problem at Hope Creek he's found out about it in the news."When a board becomes ineffective, when a board doesn't hear any information from the administrators' offices, why have a board?" Hullon said.Hullon told Local 4 News that the county board should dissolve Hope Creek's advisory board. 

WQAD.com Teen missing for nearly a year was kept as ‘sex slave’ in trailer, police say WQAD.com

Teen missing for nearly a year was kept as ‘sex slave’ in trailer, police say

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Police have arrested seven suspected human traffickers after a 16-year-old boy who had been missing for nearly a year was found in a “filthy” trailer St. Petersburg, Florida. “The teenage victim in this case was lured with promises of a better life,” Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said at a press conference Monday. “Instead, he was moved into a filthy trailer and used as a sex slave for nearly a year.” The investigation began on May 9, 2018 after Louisiana officials contacted police in St. Petersburg with information about another missing boy, 17, who they believed had been lured through the online gaming app Discord. According to police, the suspects used it to communicate with the teen, who they picked up and drove to St. Petersburg. When investigators went to a mobile home in North St. Petersburg where Louisiana authorities said he was, they found both teens living in the trailer with four men, Mark Earl Dennis, Andrew Barry Dennis, Curtis Lee Gruwell and Michael Wayne Schwartz. The suspect we were looking for in the human trafficking case is in custody. Curtis Gruwell turned himself in to #stpetepd this morning.He’s charged w conspiracy to commit human trafficking and interference with custody. pic.twitter.com/aHM9ZD88kA — St. Pete Police (@StPetePD) January 15, 2019 Dennis initially told authorities he was the 16-year-old’s father, which turned out to be false, police said. The 16-year-old, from Marion County, Florida, was 15 when he disappeared. Police say his family found a note from her son saying not to look for him. Investigators now believe one of the suspects, Eleanor Faye McGlamory, had befriended the boy and lured him to the trailer. “For the next year, he was introduced to sadomasochism and used as a sex slave by Mark and Anddrew Dennis, Gruwell, Schwartz and their associated, Michael Ray Blasdel and JR Gauthier,” police said in a news release. During the time he was held in the mobile home he did not attend school and wasn’t given medical treatment, according to police. All seven face charges of conspiracy to commit human trafficking and interference with custody. Mark Earl Dennis, Andrew Barry Dennis, Michael Ray Blasdel and JR Gauthier also face charges of sexual battery with a child under age 16.

WQAD.com Women accused of lacing recovery home manager’s mac and cheese with heroin WQAD.com

Women accused of lacing recovery home manager’s mac and cheese with heroin

PORT HURON, Mich. – Two residents of a Michigan recovery home allegedly used heroin to poison a manager at the facility. On Sunday, police arrested Shanna Marie Kota, 40, and Sarah Elaine Prange, 22, who each face a 15-year felony poisoning charge, according to the WDIV. Port Huron women arrested for poisoning recovery house manager with heroin in mac n' cheese https://t.co/xOneWDsUvP — Local 4 WDIV Detroit (@Local4News) January 15, 2019 The 38-year-old victim told investigators the women didn’t want her to work at the Port Huron home any longer, and had heard rumors the pair had laced her macaroni and cheese with the drug on Friday. She said she remembered it tasting strange and had thrown it in the trash. The manager received treatment at McLaren Port Huron Hospital where tests found evidence of poisoning, according to the Times Herald. Kota and Prange, who are due back in court Jan. 29, are being held on a $100,000 bond.

WQAD.com 16-year-old dies after falling from Royal Caribbean cruise ship WQAD.com

16-year-old dies after falling from Royal Caribbean cruise ship

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A teenage passenger lost his footing while trying to get onto the balcony of his room aboard Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas and plummeted to his death, officials say. The 16-year-old, identified by the Broward Medical Examiner’s Office as Laurent Mercer, was with his family on the cruise, which was docked in Haiti when the fall happened Jan. 11, according to the Sun Sentinel. The teen apparently did not have the key card to his room and was trying to get from a neighboring 8th floor balcony to his own when he slipped, falling to the pier below. The cruise ship’s medical staff performed CPR on Mercer, but he had suffered “major head trauma” and died of his injuries, the medical examiner’s office said in a statement to the Sentinel. Royal Caribbean said in a statement that they are “saddened by the loss of one of our guests in a tragic accident.” The death comes after almost 500 people on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas cruise ship were sickened by a gastrointestinal illness, forcing the cruise to end early.

Quad-City Times Full steam ahead on Captain's Table project: 1 year after fire gutted restaurant Quad-City Times

Full steam ahead on Captain's Table project: 1 year after fire gutted restaurant

MOLINE — On the one-year anniversary of the fire that destroyed the Captain’s Table restaurant, city leaders passed out of committee an ordinance to prevent any work stoppage on the project.

WQAD.com Girl Scout cookie season is upon us, here’s what you should know WQAD.com

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us, here’s what you should know

QUAD CITIES- It’s that time of year again, the ovens have been baking nonstop, it’s Girl Scout cookie season! According to girlscouts.org the official start of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois cookie season is January 18. In addition to the classic favorites, Girl Scouts are adding a new cookie to their lineup. It’s a gluten-free caramel chocolate chip cookie, yum. Wanna know where you can get your fix? We have you covered. Don’t feel guilty about eating all those boxes either, remember it’s for a good cause… “The largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world, the Girl Scout Cookie Program is proven to help the majority of girl participants develop five essential life and business skills, fostering the next generation of women who are entrepreneurs and business leaders. A recent Girl Scout Research Institute study found that 85 percent of girls surveyed learned how to set goals and meet deadlines, 88 percent became effective decision-makers, 88 percent learned to manage money, 85 percent gained people skills, and 94 percent learned business ethics—all through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Two out of three girls surveyed (66 percent) developed all five skills while doing amazing things for themselves and their communities.” Check out the full cookie line-up below! Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment    

Quad-City Times Scott County sheriff seeks staffing increase Quad-City Times

Scott County sheriff seeks staffing increase

Scott County Sheriff Tim Lane wants to add 10 new employees to improve the staffing situation at the county jail staff, as well as increase the county's presence on patrol.


North Scott High School to start apprenticeship through Gov. Reynold’s future ready program

North Scott High School is now using resources from the future ready program. Right now, they're working with the state to get apprenticeships underway.

WQAD.com Jurors deliberate murder case against accused shooter of Davenport activist WQAD.com

Jurors deliberate murder case against accused shooter of Davenport activist

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Jury deliberations have begun in the murder trial of Deondra Thomas, accused of shooting and killing Jason Roberts in downtown Davenport last June. Thomas faces charges of murder and firearms possession by a felon. Prosecutors argue that Roberts was trying to intervene in a fight between Thomas and others outside MVP Sports Bar on June 9, 2018. “For Jason to step in and say ‘We’re just trying to have a good time,’ it cost him his life,” Scott County Attorney Mike Walton told jurors. “Deondra stepped back and shot him, three times.” Walton told jurors the killing was premeditated and urged them to find Thomas guilty of murder in the first degree. In laying out their case, prosecution attorneys relied on the testimony of a key witness: Thomas’ cousin. “Deondra admitted it,” to his cousin, Walton said. During the trial, the cousin, a reluctant witness for the state, testified that he drove Thomas to the bar in a maroon GMC Yukon, and left with him shortly after gunshot rang out. The cousin said Thomas did not mention Roberts’ by name, but told him, “Dude put his hands on him and he shot him.” Walton reminded jurors that they must weigh both direct and circumstantial evidence. Several other witnesses had also placed Thomas at the crime scene or saw Thomas walking away calmly just after shots rang out, Walton said. Taking the witnesses’ statements together, he argued, “you should have no doubt Deondra fired those shots.” The prosecution also has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant acted premeditatively and with intent to kill. “Three times he had to pull the trigger. If that’s not intent, if that’s not premeditation, what is?” Walton asked jurors. Defense attorney Jack Dusthimer in his closing argument cast doubt on the witnesses’ statements. He sought to highlight inconsistencies in their statements on the witness stand and prior interviews they had given to police. He pointed out that several witnesses who were at MVP Bar were inebriated or had prior run-ins with authorities and given changing statements. “Would you hesitate to rely on somebody like that?” he asked several times. “I have nothing but respect for the Roberts family,” he told jurors. “But this is not about Roberts. It’s about whether or not the state can prove beyond a reasonable doubt.” Jurors began deliberating late Tuesday afternoon and will continue on Wednesday.

WQAD.com Local robotics team looking for more donations WQAD.com

Local robotics team looking for more donations

PORT BYRON, Illinois — A group of nine Riverdale High School students are asking for monetary donations so they can buy and donate new LEGO kits to an Iowa Children’s hospital. The Robotics Rams pose in front of last years total of 112 LEGO sets ready to be donated to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The Robotic Rams is hosting their third annual fundraiser this week. The school’s Technology Director, Jason Dennhardt, said the hospital they donate to was not chosen at random. “In 2016 a teacher from Riverdale, Mark Lofgren, his son was diagnosed with cancer,” Dennhardt said. “(His son) was receiving treatments at the University of Iowa Stead Family Hospital and we came up with the idea.” Dennhardt said the group chose to donate LEGO sets for two main reasons: First, it is the most wanted toy under the website’s “Wish List,” and secondly, because LEGOs are the first step to having an interest in STEM and Robotics. “Who doesn’t love to build Legos,” Dennhardt asked. The public is invited to donate directly at Riverdale High School or at donations jars at this upcoming weekend’s FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics League Competition. “Our students are following the vision of FIRST and are trying to help younger children dream of one day becoming science and technology leaders too,” Dennhardt said. “Even if it just starts with a simple Lego set.” The Robotic Rams started in 2011. This year’s competition will be at Riverdale High School in Port Byron on Saturday, January 19th. The robots will start competing at around 9:30 am and will conclude around noon.   In 2018, the Robotics Rams donated more than 100 LEGO sets to pediatric patients at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.  

OurQuadCities.com Mother mending her heart after losing her son by saving other hearts OurQuadCities.com

Mother mending her heart after losing her son by saving other hearts

A mother from Galesburg made it her and her families mission to keep hearts beating after the death of her son.To make it happen, she laces together yarn to warm feet with a message of heart health.John Chapman Jr. went into cardiac arrest in July 2010 while running the BIX 7.It was caused by an undiagnosed heart blockage.He was 41. His mother told Local 4 News she knew she had to do something to remember her son and keep other mothers and families from experiencing the same loss.That's why Rosemary Chapman started Johnny's Socks Knitting Kits to get her message out to encourage early detection of heart disease, save lives and provide education.She works closely with the Genesis Foundation, raising about $60,000 so far for a fund that's helping to keep her son close to her heart. Rosemary Chapman said, "I know John would have said, mom, get out of your bedroom, go do something."It's been nearly nine years since Rosemary Chapman's knitting of red yarn has started healing her heart."I used to knit Johnny socks," said Chapman. "He loved them cause they kept his cold feet warm."It was by turning to her passion she said a form of therapy was found but also a mission.Chapman said, "I know for fact, we already saved a couple of lives."Her Johnny's Socks and knitting kits have spanned the globe, weaved with a message Rosemary said could have saved John Chapman Jr's life."If he had just been checked with cholesterol or had an actual stress test, they could of caught this, and it might have been prevented," said Chapman. She designed it that way, with an E-K-G of heart rhythm, a broken heart because of someone lost and those that can still be saved.Chapman said, "Little tiny young hearts, we want to prevent this from happening to them."She's also turned to other crafts, selling them at fairs to help grow the education."If you don't think it can happen to you, you're wrong. it can happen to anybody," she said. "One in three people have heart disease. Every 24-hours, 2,200 or more people die of heart disease, sudden heart attacks."But she's also found help through the extended family he son creates.Chapman said, "I learned to love every one of those boys on the wrestling team. They called me Grandma Chapman."John was a former member and then long time coach for the Galesburg High School wrestling team. About five years ago, they stepped up with the "Red Out " match in honor of John.Chapman said, "They've bagged groceries, they've sold raffle tickets. They're giving away a year's worth of Buffalo Wild Wings tonight."Rosemary said while most on the team now didn't know her son, it gives her hope that these young hearts are taking up her cause, through one knit or the wrestling mat.Chapman said, "I'm proud of what we've done, and I think Johnny's proud too."The "Red Out" match happened Tuesday night at Galesburg High School.It included a fundraiser, CPR training and blood pressure screening.To purchase the sock kits or donate to the John Champan Jr. Heart Fund people can reach out through Cappy's Arts and Crafts or call (309) 343-5323.  

OurQuadCities.com What's stopping the Rock Island County Courthouse from tumbling down OurQuadCities.com

What's stopping the Rock Island County Courthouse from tumbling down

The the Rock Island County Courthouse was scheduled to be demolished by the end of 2018, but that hasn't happened, yet. The contractors need a demolition permit from the city of Rock Island. "There's questions about when that should be issued," explains Rock Island mayor Mike Thoms. That's because the Illinois DNR sent a letter to county officials in December. "The demolition of the courthouse was not part of the original approval they gave for the construction," Thoms says. The contractors need a special permit to demolish the 120-year-old building.Thoms says they've decided not to issue a permit to contractors until the state grants that permission.Thoms tells local 4 news that they are anticipating a response from the state over the next few days. He says as soon as that happens, the city would be able to issue a permit and demolition could even start the same day."Fill out the application, pay the fee for the demolition permit and they get it the same day-- They could start tearing down immediately," Thoms says.   

OurQuadCities.com 'closer to that red zone' future for local farmers uncertain as trade war drags on OurQuadCities.com

'closer to that red zone' future for local farmers uncertain as trade war drags on

Local farmers say their future is uncertain during the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China.Now one Wilton farmer says they've been forced to make financial cuts in order to stay in business. Tuesday marked the halfway point of the 90-day truce. It was implemented December 1 to avoid more tariff hikes while the leaders negotiate. But so far while there's been discussions, there's no sign of an agreement, or what the next steps will be. On Wednesday, soybean farmer Dave Walton told Local 4 News if this doesn't get resolved soon, it could get worse. Walton says he's just one of hundreds of farmers in the area who don't know what the future holds. "If you want to look at it as a scale from green to yellow to red we're in the yellow right now," said Walton. "But we're getting close to that red zone."As the trade war continues, local farmers are quickly running out of time. "We need to have that certainty," said Walton. "We need to have that ability to make those plans going into 2019."Walton says he'd normally spend the winter months replacing equipment, or leaving it to laborers to make the repairs, gearing up to hit the ground running in the Spring. But not this year. "Instead of hiring somebody to repair it like we would in the past, we're doing the work ourselves," said Walton. "So that's money out of a lot of people's pockets. Not only for the equipment dealers, but the repair shops."It's just one of the ways Walton says they've cut back in order to save a buck. "We're examining every expense," he said. "Whether that be groceries, or clothes or trading cars or pick ups or things like that, so that's money we're not spending in the community."He says farmers plan throughout most of the year, deciding the price of crops, how many acres to designate to each crop and much more. "We need to have that certainty, we need to have that ability to make those plans going into 2019," said Walton. "2019 is going to be the critical year as far as profitability goes. So if we enter the year kind of in the hole, it's going to be a long time to pull out of it."And he says tacking on the current government shutdown could make tough times even worse, with farmers cut off from the resources they rely on for future planting and financial aid. "The closer we get to Spring, the more impact that's gonna have," said Walton.He says he's trying to remain optimistic.  "As long as we continue to see positive movement among those negotiators there's always a chance we could see this get resolved quickly."But until his questions are answered, they'll keep taking it day by day. And Walton says they'll continue to do what they can to get by while they wait.  "Just kind of making plans for the worst. You know we have to figure out how we're going to weather this market uncertainty and low commodity prices for the next couple years."

OurQuadCities.com National increase in TSA agent sick days doesn't hit QC airport OurQuadCities.com

National increase in TSA agent sick days doesn't hit QC airport

An increase in sick days from TSA employees at airports across the country is not hitting the Quad City International Airport during the government shutdown. Local 4 News reached out to the Transportation Security Administration directly. A spokesperson tells us the TSA saw a 7% rate of unscheduled absences across the country on Monday.That's compared to 2.5% on the same date last year. An airport spokesperson in Moline says employees are still showing up to work here."We have a very dedicated team that are members of this community that we haven't had the issues with callouts that other large markets have had," says Ben Leischner, Metropolitan Airport Authority executive director.TSA workers are among the federal employees not getting paid during the government shutdown.The shutdown, now 25 days old, is the longest in United States history.

WQAD.com Galesburg school board approves school closings and upgrades WQAD.com

Galesburg school board approves school closings and upgrades

GALESBURG, Illinois- Work is set to begin on school upgrades in Galesburg this summer. The board wants to update things like security and fire safety at King Elementary, Lombard Middle School, the high school and the Lincoln Education Center. The board also plans to close Gale and Neilsen Elementary and Churchill Middle School. Potentially by the end of the 2020 school year. The board still needs final approval from the state on the plans.


Rock Falls boy confirmed with rare case of AFM

Hudsyn Finkle of Rock Falls was confirmed to have the rare condition of AFM, which is a polio-like illness. He is now on the road to recovery and has already made huge strides.


Clinton High School addresses "bed bug" concerns after unknown bug discovered in classroom

The Clinton Community School District has brought in a pest control agency to inspect a classroom after the discovery of an unknown bug.


Razor burn: Gillette ad stirs online uproar

A Gillette ad for men invoking the #MeToo movement is sparking intense online backlash, with accusations that it talks down to men and groups calling for a boycott. But Gillette says it doesn't mind sparking a discussion. Since it debuted Monday, the Internet-only ad has garnered nearly 19 million views on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter — a level of buzz that any brand would covet.

Quad-City Times A special gift leads two Quad-Citians to the Rose Bowl parade Quad-City Times

A special gift leads two Quad-Citians to the Rose Bowl parade

This year's Rose Parade included two Quad-Citians bonded by the ties of family and, in a more literal way, the ties of blood.

OurQuadCities.com Baby colobus monkey welcomed by Niabi Zoo OurQuadCities.com

Baby colobus monkey welcomed by Niabi Zoo

The Niabi Zoo announced the birth of “Katavi,” an Eastern black and white colobus monkey on Tuesday.Katavi was born on December 9. His parents are Shirati, a 16-year-old female and Tuli, a 12-year-old male.Baby black and white colobus start life completely white. After about 3 weeks, patches of dark hair start to appear. It takes about 3 months for the babies to fully take on the coloration of mom and dad, according to the zoo.Eastern black and white colobus are found in the woodlands of tropical Africa.The Niabi Zoo partners with more than 50 other zoos in the United States and Canada to manage the breeding of this species in a program called the Black and White Colobus Species Survival Plan."This cooperative breeding program helps not only assure that these beautiful animals will be here for zoo visitors to be inspired by, but also serves as an assurance colony in the event reintroductions into the wild are ever needed," said zoo director Lee Jackson. "The Niabi Zoo’s success with this species has made it an important contributor to this program, and we look forward to continued success with this species."The nine individuals in Niabi's troop are part of the North American breeding population, which currently is made up of only 169 individuals.Niabi Zoo is closed for the regular admission season but events happen year-round.Visit www.NiabiZoo.com for more information.Niabi will be open for the 2019 regular admission season starting April 13.

WQAD.com J.B. Pritzker signs first executive orders on first full day as Illinois governor WQAD.com

J.B. Pritzker signs first executive orders on first full day as Illinois governor

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Gov. J.B. Pritzker used his first full day in office to restore frozen wage increases for unionized state employees. The Democrat also took other pro-worker action Tuesday at the state Capitol. Pritzker announced that union employees would begin getting seniority-based "step" increases in pay. Those contractually required increases were frozen by former Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner four years ago during still-unresolved contract negotiations. Pritzker did not say how much the extra pay would cost. It is not retroactive. The governor also signed executive orders to prohibit state agencies from asking prospective employees their salary histories. Advocates believe it's discriminatory toward women who enter and leave the workforce more often. Pritzker likely will sign a law on the issue this spring. Rauner vetoed it twice.

WQAD.com It’s a boy! Niabi Zoo welcomes baby monkey to the family WQAD.com

It’s a boy! Niabi Zoo welcomes baby monkey to the family

COAL VALLEY, Illinois- Niabi Zoo has announced their newest member, an adorable baby Monkey. Katavi is an Eastern Black and White Colobus monkey (Guereza colobus). “Eastern Black and White Colobus are found in the woodlands of tropical Africa and these strikingly colored primates are favorites among zoo visitors.” Katavi is a male and was born on December 9th, 2018. Niabi Zoo says his parents are Shirati, a 16-year-old female and Tuli, a 12-year-old male. “All Baby Black and White Colobus start life completely white. After about 3 weeks patches of dark hair start to appear. It takes about 3 months for the babies to fully take on the coloration of mom and dad.” Niabi has 9 Eastern Black and White Colobus monkeys, According to Niabi there are only 169 in North America!      


Davenport snow emergency violations result in over $20,000 in costs to car owners parked in downtown and Hilltop neighborhoods

The city of Davenport ticketed and towed 78 vehicles in violation of the city’s second snow emergency Monday night.