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Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

WQAD.com Fourth annual QC Black Business Expo celebrates local businesses WQAD.com

Fourth annual QC Black Business Expo celebrates local businesses

MOLINE, Illinois- To recognize Black History Month the QC Empowerment Network will celebrate achievements from local black entrepreneurs and businesses. The fourth annual QC Black Business Expo takes place February 23 from 1 to 5 p.m. in the Southpark Mall. The Black Business Expo will showcase and celebrate local black-owned businesses. Now in its fourth year, the Expo is the only event in the Quad Cities region that is designed to specifically highlight black-owned local businesses and showcase the rich diversity of the area’s small business community. Last year’s event included more than 50 vendors and hundreds of attendees, according to the QC Empowerment Network. This year, the expo will include a keynote address from Willie Barney, founder and president of WDB Resultants, a national consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning, communications, research, facilitation and diversity & inclusion. Barney specializes in working with clients in the small business, corporate, non-profit and faith-based sectors across the country. The 2019 Black Business Expo is sponsored by Exelon Generation, St. Ambrose University and Iowa American Water. It is open to the public at no cost to attend.


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Quad-City Times This week's outtakes from Quad-City Times photographers Quad-City Times

This week's outtakes from Quad-City Times photographers

Technically speaking


The Merits of REAP


New taco shack replicates the food truck experience

The guys at Mex-2-go turned a local summertime favorite into something you can enjoy year round.


Ohio River bridge among roads cut by floodwaters

A bridge across the Ohio River between Kentucky and Illinois is closing because of flooding, one of more than 50 highways underwater across four states.

Friday, February 22nd, 2019


More flooding expected in the QCA

The National Weather Service announces we're looking at flooding possibilities for the next few months

WQAD.com Jackson County business says Iowa’s bottle deposit law needs to change WQAD.com

Jackson County business says Iowa’s bottle deposit law needs to change

MAQUOKETA, Iowa-- The owner of a can and bottle redemption center in Maquoketa says her business is struggling and Iowa lawmakers need to change the bottle deposit to keep the program alive. Marry Ann Renner, owner of Can City, has owned and operated redemption centers in Eastern Iowa for 21 years. She has two centers right now but had to close two others a few years ago. "The penny a can just don't make it anymore. It did 15 years ago," she says. "We're just struggling to stay in business." When customers bring in their empty cans and bottles, they get five cents back. That's the five cents they deposited when they bought their pop or beer. Centers and grocery stores that redeem cans and bottles get paid a handling fee, one cent per can, from distributors like Coke, Pepsi or Bud Light. Distributors pick up the containers to have them recycled. Manager Faith Jones says Can City fills an important need. She says cans and bottles would just end up in landfills or ditches, instead of being recycled, if it weren't for places like Can City. "I see more people coming in because they realize they can get their money back," she says. "We have people come from Dubuque, Clinton, Dyersville, 50 miles away to get their money back." A proposed bill in Iowa would double the handling fee for redemption centers. It would also add sports drinks and water bottles to the program. Renner says that would help her open more redemption centers, and she says others would open centers, too. She says without a handling fee increase, she'll have to close. Another proposed bill would no longer require grocery stores to be part of the program. Right now, they either have to redeem containers or have a designated redemption center. That helps ensure people have somewhere to actually get their deposit back. The Iowa Grocery Industry Association tells News 8 redeeming cans and bottles is a burden on grocery stores. President Michelle Hurd says grocery stores dislike having to deal with dirty containers near food. She also says smaller grocery stores can't afford to hire enough staff to process the containers and redemption machines cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hurd says by lifting the requirement for grocery stores, more people would head to redemption centers. But Renner says she's worried people in smaller communities wouldn't have anywhere to turn. "What if you're from a small town and you don't have a redemption center?" she says. "Where are you going to take them? Are you going to drive 45 miles away?" Redemption centers are dwindling. A number of centers listed on the DNR website are closed. According to the Iowa DNR, 71 percent of beverage containers sold each year are redeemed, keeping them out of the landfill.

OurQuadCities.com What started this Silvis house fire? It surprised even the fire chief OurQuadCities.com

What started this Silvis house fire? It surprised even the fire chief

A house fire in Silvis leaves a family out in the cold tonight and what started the blaze surprised even the fire chief.The call came in around 5 p.m. Friday, according to Silvis Fire Chief John Winters. By the time he got to the house on 2nd Avenue, the flames were visible on the front porch and evenutally spread up to the second floor. Firefighters putting out flames at a house fire in Silvis. pic.twitter.com/JjbxRPk0yh— Grace Runkel (@GraceRunkel) February 22, 2019 Winters said it took about 20 minutes for the Silvis Fire Department and the Carbon Cliff-Barstow Fire Department to extinguish the flames.One firefighter suffered from smoke inhalation, but was cleared by a medic.Winters said the cause of the fire was one he hadn't heard before."From talking with the homeowner, he has had a skunk problem and he had bought a commercial grade smoke bomb and put it under the porch and it ignited the porch," Winters said. "This is one that I'd never heard of ... There are professionals out there that do pest control. I guess after seeing this I would recommend using them instead of buying a commercial grade product at the store and trying to do it yourself."Winters said the house is not a total loss, but they are setting the homeowners up in a hotel for tonight. He said they'll be able to start the clean up process in the next couple days.  

OurQuadCities.com Fairmount Library Branch hosting dress giveaway OurQuadCities.com

Fairmount Library Branch hosting dress giveaway

A Davenport library wants to help local girls say "yes" to their prom dress.The Fairmount Libary Branch has been collecting gowns to give away next weekend. People have donated hundreds of dresses in two days.Community engagement librarian Stephanie Spraggon said she started the event because she doesn't want the cost of a dress to keep a girl from going to prom. Spraggon said she hopes the teens find their dream dresses and see that the library is more than just books."This is one way to find a need and fill a need and to get people to realize they can go to the library for anything and if they need something, they can come in and ask and if we don't have it we'll work to get it," Spraggon said.The dress giveaway is March 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 pm at the Fairmount Library Branch. Spraggon said there's no registration necessary -- just show up and find your dress.

Quad-City Times Silvis home damaged in fire Quad-City Times

Silvis home damaged in fire

A Silvis home was damaged by a fire Friday afternoon after the owner tried to get a skunk out from under the front porch with a commercially made rodent smoke bomb, Silvis Fire Chief John Winters said.


Burlington school's makeup schedule

Burlington School District announced their plan on Friday to make up the snow & cold days


Google Doodle celebrates 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin's birthday

The search engine put together a slideshow of illustrations showing Irwin holding a crocodile, boating through a swamp with his dog, and hanging out with his wife Terri and kids Bindi and Robert.


Why do zebras have stripes? Perhaps to dazzle away flies

Researchers dressed horses in black-and-white striped coats to help determine why zebras have stripes.


Why do zebras have stripes? Perhaps to dazzle away flies

Researchers dressed horses in black-and-white striped coats to help determine why zebras have stripes.

WQAD.com WQAD.com

Three witnesses ID Jonathan Kelly as shooter in Galesburg murder trial

GALESBURG, Illinois -- Three witnesses positively identified Jonathan Kelly as the shooter early April 1st, 2018, after a bar fight at a Galesburg pub. He faces first degree murder charges in the shooting death of 26-year-old Jenni McGruder. Jurors were dismissed Friday afternoon and instructed to return to court at 9 a.m. on Monday for more testimony. Leonard McGee, who said he had been friends with Kelly for a few years, testified that he saw Kelly get out of a white van with a gun and fire two to three shots toward a crowd of people. "He jumped out of the van and started running and shooting," he said. Douglas Bailey said he saw a fight break out between Kelly and another patron of the Seminary Street Pub that night. He said that he, too, saw Kelly come back shooting a firearm. "There's no doubt in my mind that Mr. Kelly shot the two to three rounds," he said. Another witness, Gregory Bridges, said he saw the white van make a sudden stop and Kelly "jump" out of it. "Then I saw a flash and some smoke," he said. "That's when I was aware there was a gunshot." McGee testified that he later picked up Kelly, who fled the scene on foot. He said he drove him to a Motel in Davenport where he gave him a phone and paid for his room. The jury was presented with surveillance video from the Motel 6 that appeared to show McGee's gold Cadillac pulling in and Kelly walking up and down the halls. "I went and paid for the room. I went and told him good luck or whatever. And I left," McGee said. He told jurors that he knew the McGruder family, but that he wasn't aware that it was Jenni who had been shot when he picked Kelly up a few blocks away.  

OurQuadCities.com What's next for patients? Local 4 News asks attorney after doctor sentenced to prison OurQuadCities.com

What's next for patients? Local 4 News asks attorney after doctor sentenced to prison

A former Bettendorf doctor taken into custody last week will remain behind bars.Dr. Paul Bolger pleaded guilty to more than a dozen federal charges back in 2017. They were related to health care fraud. Bolger has been behind bars since last week after a judge ruled he had violated terms of his bond by dispensing controlled substances from locations other than his Davenport office.This morning, Bolger appeared before another judge for his federal sentencing. The judge ruled that Bolger will spend two years in prison, followed by three years of supervised release.Bolger told the judge Friday that he left the emergency department at UnityPoint Health after facing burnout and trauma, describing dreams of dead babies. The defense called a witness, Dr. Rhonda Sowards, who had worked with Bolger and described noticing a difference in the doctor's character due to that trauma around 2014. "It was sad, difficult to watch," Sowards said."He was a picture of burnout," she said.Defense attorney Jeffrey Lang says facing mounting bills and an offer from a marketing company to sign off on online prescriptions, Bolger took the deal. Prosecutors say Bolger signed off on more than 30 prescriptions a day during a two-month period without ever meeting any of the patients.They say he made $50 to $75 for each script.He would make about seven dollars in a normal practice. Once filled, special pharmacies called "compounding pharmacies" would complete the customized prescriptions for veterans. Pharmacies would then bill TRICARE, a military health benefit system, at high markups. Lang says one prescription signed by Bolger, for example, cost about $50, but the pharmacy billed TRICARE for nearly $6,000. Bolger signed 1,375 prescriptions for military service members in different states. Lang says Bolger never knew the government was getting billed that much."If you saw the hearing, you know that Dr. Bolger admitted he made a mistake. He made a couple of mistakes and he's deeply sorry for that," Lang tells Local 4 News. The judge acknowledged that Bolger may not have known the extent of the fraud scheme, but Bolger didn't seem to care, either, as he continued signing prescriptions that he knew would be filled.The judge called it a "massive fraud. It was longstanding, it was lucrative." He also said TRICARE shares part of the blame for being negligent. The U.S. Attorney says Bolger's actions contributed to TRICARE losing $3.4 million. Bolger addressed the courtroom with a prepared statement, tearing up as he expressed his shame and regret for what he'd done. "I should've stopped and done my due dilligence but I didn't. I wish I never heard of tele-medicine. I can't believe I let this get out of hand," Bolger said.  Bolger shutdown his clinics last week after being arrested for breaking bond terms. His patients haven't heard anything about how to get their money back.We spoke with one woman last week who put down more than $6,000 for a procedure she never got.   We asked Lang what happens now with that money."Well, I would tell them that it's standard for physicians who are doing elective-types of procedures to require payment in advance. The timing of this [arrest] was unexpected, totally unexpected, and Dr. Bolger is deeply concerned about how all this has affected his patients," Lang said.Bolger's attorney says he doesn't know what the timeline is as far as what will happen for those patients. He also tells us he's not sure yet whether Bolger will want to appeal this sentencing.

WQAD.com Sports gambling revenue is just one side of the coin WQAD.com

Sports gambling revenue is just one side of the coin

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- The Iowa legislature took another step forward on a bill that would legalize sports gambling in Iowa. On Thursday a full senate committee approved a bill that would create the framework for a sports gaming system in Iowa. Both Iowa and Illinois are making moves towqards the legalization of sports betting, but critics say it comes at the cost. Eric Preuss, Program Manager with Iowa's Department of Public Health, says that 14 percent of Iowans are at-risk gamblers according to its 2019 population estimates, meaning about 315,000 Iowans have experienced a sign or symptom of a gambling disorder in the past year. The number of Iowans who suffer from a gambling disorder has hovered around 1 percent since 2011, Preuss says. Even so, Todd Morris, a Davenport behavioral health professional  who treats gambling addition, says he has seen more patients in the past decade. He attributes the rise to the ubiquity of gambling opportunities in Iowa and Illinois. "Most  people associate compulsive gambling with casinos, which a lot of times is not necessarily the case," Morris says. "It could be lottery, it could be scratch-offs, it could be sports betting. The gas stations that have the slot machines." Still Morris says legalizing sports betting would take it out from under its dark cloak and provide some measure of protection to gamblers. "What I see for the benefits of legalization would be the casinos would be the ones operating the sports book, which would have some regulations for individuals and be accountable for the people who elect to gamble," he says. That one reason supporters say they want to regulate sports betting. "Online sports betting is already established. People are already doing it here online in the Quad Cities," says Illinois State Representative Michael Halpin, adding that he would support it in theory but would have to study the details of any bill put forth. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker in his budget address says legalization would bring in more than $200 million in fees and taxes in fiscal year 2020. But a recent ProPublica investigation found that  projected revenues don't always match actual numbers, as the case of video gambling in Illinois shows. Morris worries that example doesn't bode well for Iowa. He says he hopes funding to treat gambling addiction will increase, but he is not sure it will. "I think they’re gonna do a sit and wait approach to see how much money is coming in, to see if what they’re anticipating will actually come in," he says.   

OurQuadCities.com Concerning encounter for QC mom, saying her teenage daughter was approach in bathroom by a stranger OurQuadCities.com

Concerning encounter for QC mom, saying her teenage daughter was approach in bathroom by a stranger

An evening out for a Quad Cities family turning into a disturbing experience.They told Local 4 News it's after their teenage daughter said she was approached by a man who worked at the restaurant in the women's restroom. That was followed by the man asking for her name and phone number.Her mother told Local 4 Friday she wants the Dynasty Buffet employee fired.Local 4 News also spoke with a manager at the restaurant.While he didn't want to speak on camera, he answered questions regarding this incident.The manager made it clear to me if there is another report that's true regarding the employee that worker will be fired.It was supposed to be a relaxing Monday night on the town.Concerned mother Amanda Dominguez said, "My mom's been injured for a while, so we just decided to get out of the house and get some dinner with the kids."But the evening started changing when Amanda Dominguez's 14-year-old daughter came back to the table from the restroom.Dominguez said, "She was really quiet and then she told me, I just wanted to leave. I just wanted to leave."Dominguez said it became clear to her what happened as they were leaving. Dominguez said, "She like stopped me and said mom, that cook asked me for my phone number. And I said what?."Dominguez told Local 4 News, her daughter said while in the women's bathroom, a male employee came in and eventually asked for the teen's name and contact.  After hearing that, the mother said she went back inside and confronted the worker.Dominguez said, "He just said, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. He didn't deny anything."When at the restaurant, a manager told Local 4 News off camera the employee has no reason to ask those questions.  The restaurant said the employee was in the restroom refilling paper towels. And added they're now making it very clear to their workers to announce before going into the lavatory when it's the opposite gender to make sure there's no one inside.  But for Dominguez, she wants that particular employee let go.Dominguez said, "I've heard that this cook has been there for a couple of years, so it makes me nervous how many other children he's done this to."She's just hoping other parents will heed her story and talk with their kids.Dominguez said, "Know what to do in that sort of situation and to fight if they have to. Tell them no information."Dominguez also said she's glad her daughter decided to speak up."I feel my daughter did a very good job telling me. I wish she would have told me a little sooner. She stopped me as soon as she felt ready to tell me and I just let her know, always keep your phone on you. Call me if you ever feel like you're in danger," said Dominguez.The mother told Local 4 News one of her daughter's cousins was in the bathroom as well for part of the incident.A police report was filed that night.The manager also told Local 4 News he apologizes to the family. 

OurQuadCities.com Down on the Pharm: Watch the documentary and web extra OurQuadCities.com

Down on the Pharm: Watch the documentary and web extra

The battle lines are drawn and police are in full pursuit of drug traffickers in the Quad Cities.The drug epidemic is killing more people in the area. Local 4 News is delving deeper into the issue.Local 4's Mike Mickle takes an in-depth look at the drug epidemic in our 30-minute news special..."Down on the Pharm." It debuted tonight on Local 4 at 6:30 and will air on the Quad Cities CW at 9.Watch the full documentary above, then check out an exclusive web extra below.

WQAD.com Davenport baby fights bronchitis after black mold was found in apartment WQAD.com

Davenport baby fights bronchitis after black mold was found in apartment

DAVENPORT, Iowa – A Davenport family may only have 48 hours to move out of their apartment after an infestation of black mold. Michelle Regans moved into her apartment on 16th Street last June and since then black mold has continued to spread. Regans has tried to contact the property manager numerous times but kept getting excuses for not taking care of the issues. The living room, the bathroom, and even the kitchen has mold in every crevice.  A city inspector walked through today and was shocked in what he saw. “He walked in and he was just like shaking his head like “wow this has gotten worse”,” says Regans. “From what he was saying the outcome could be me having to move.” Regans and her family may have to pack up their belongings and get out in 48 hours. “I don’t have anywhere to go,” Regans comments. “I don’t have any funds and I lost a job.” Regans tells News 8 the mold continues to spread because of the humid and damp conditions in the apartment. The family had thermostats installed around Christmas time and the temperature continues to stay close to 80 degrees when it should be closed to 68 degrees. The mold has gotten so bad her eleven-month-old grandson is having breathing problems. “I got to take him to the ER because he keeps having the same issues – upper respiratory infections,” Regans comments. “ A lot of them are like cold symptoms: runny nose, runny eyes, stuffiness,” says Janet Hill, Rock Island County Health Department. “It can aggravate asthma and make it much worse.” Now her grandson’s infection has escalated to bronchitis after a recent visit to the doctor. “Right now, I’m like clueless,” says Regans. “I am standing here and I’m trying to figure it out, but I have nothing. I wish I could get out of here. I wish I had somewhere to go.” To get rid of black bold in a home can be difficult.  Health officials suggest buying a dehumidifier or scrubbing the area with one cup of bleach per one gallon of water.  


Son arrested in developer's mysterious dog leash death

Police say a teenager who told authorities he found his father with a dog leash wrapped around his neck has been charged with killing the prominent real estate developer


Watch out for your pets paw ice melt can injure animals

It’s a salty time of year on streets and around our own homes as we try to melt all the snow and ice we've had, but not all types of ice melt are safe for use around pets.

OurQuadCities.com Ice and wind in Quad Cities this weekend, blizzard in Western Iowa OurQuadCities.com

Ice and wind in Quad Cities this weekend, blizzard in Western Iowa

Yet another powerhouse storm is rolling through the Midwest this weekend.  This storm takes a path that gives us mostly rain in the Quad Cities.  But, with temperatures near the freezing mark just after midnight tonight, there could be a bit of icing going on.  That's why we have a Winter Weather Advisory late tonight into Saturday morning. The most likely time for freezing rain in the Quad Cities is between midnight and 4 a.m.  Then temperatures get up above freezing and we're looking at quite a bit of rain on Saturday.  We could see up to about an inch of rain.  If this was snow, we'd be getting about 10"! The storm really gets cranked up over Western Iowa on Saturday.  Heavy snow and winds will create blizzard conditions.  A Blizzard Warning is in effect just West of Des Moines.Something else to think about this weekend - strong winds.  They barge into the Quad Cities late Saturday night and could gust over 50 mph on Sunday.  A High Wind Watch has been issued for these winds.  This will be changed to a Wind Advisory or High Wind Warning over the weekend.   

Quad-City Times East Moline hires Maxeiner as interim administrator Quad-City Times

East Moline hires Maxeiner as interim administrator

Former Moline City Administrator Doug Maxeiner has been hired as interim city administrator for East Moline.

WQAD.com WQAD.com

Silvis house engulfed in flames

SILVIS- Firefighters are currently battling a house fire on the 1000 block of 2nd avenue in Silvis. The call came in around 5 p.m. on February 22. WQAD is live on the scene and will bring you updates as we get them.

WQAD.com Two bald eagles found injured after likely mating season fight over female WQAD.com

Two bald eagles found injured after likely mating season fight over female

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Two bald eagles were found wounded and exhausted Thursday, likely after a brawl over a female mate, Virginia Beach Animal Control said. They said they received word about the young eagles from concerned citizens and suspected the eagles may have been fighting over a female because it is their mating season. Missing Attachment Missing Attachment When an officer located the birds, they were on the ground, stuck together by their talons. The people who called in the injured eagles helped the officer to separate them, assess their injuries and determine they needed medical attention, Virginia Beach Animal Control said in a Facebook post. The two birds were taken to Altons’ Keep Wildbird Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Inc. and will be examined and treated by a licensed veterinarian.

WQAD.com WQAD.com

Boil order issued for parts of Columbus Junction

COLUMBUS JUNCTION, Iowa — Some residents were placed under a boil order after a water main break on Friday, February 22. The boil order starts at the intersection of Main Street and Walnut Street heading west, north of Highway 92.  It includes the following streets: 2nd Street, 3rd Street, 4th Street, 5th Street, 6th Street, 7th Street, 9th Street, High Street, Locust Street, Western Avenue, Hilltop Road and the Rolling Hills area. A spokesperson from the city said the boil under was in effect until further notice.

Quad-City Times Hydrologist: Spring will bring major floods to the Quad-City area Quad-City Times

Hydrologist: Spring will bring major floods to the Quad-City area

Every year, the National Weather Service examines conditions such as the snow pack and how much water it contains, soil moisture and much of the ground is frozen and determines the chances of major flooding.


Boil order for parts of Columbus Junction

The City of Columbus Junction, Iowa has ordered a boil order for an area north of Highway 92 due to a water main break.

WQAD.com Iowa play-by-play man suspended for “King Kong” comment WQAD.com

Iowa play-by-play man suspended for “King Kong” comment

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Iowa play-by-play announcer Gary Dolphin was suspended Friday for the rest of the season for referring to Maryland’s Bruno Fernando as “King Kong” during a game. Hawkeye Sports Properties, the multimedia rights manager for Iowa’s athletic, announced the move just hours before the 21st-ranked Hawkeyes hosted Indiana.Fernando had 11 points and 11 rebounds, including a go-ahead putback with 7.8 seconds left, to help No. 24 Maryland beat Iowa 66-65 on Tuesday night in Iowa City. In describing the game’s closing moments, Dolphin said the 6-foot-10, 240-pound African-American who was born in Angola “was King Kong at the end of the game.” This is the second time that Dolphin has been suspended this season. He sat out two games after being caught on an open microphone criticizing Iowa guard Maishe Dailey in a win over Pittsburgh in late November. Coach Fran McCaffery called Dolphin’s comments about Dailey “inexcusable,” and this incident could further enflame tensions between the two. Jim Albracht will replace Dolphin for the rest of the season. Bobby Hansen, Iowa’s color commentator, will continue in that role. Dolphin, a fan favorite who is also Iowa’s football play-by-play man, apologized in a statement released Friday. “During the broadcast, I used a comparison when trying to describe a talented Maryland basketball player. In no way did I intend to offend or disparage the player,” he said. “I take full responsibility for my inappropriate word choice and offer a sincere apology to him and anyone else who was offended. I will use this as an opportunity to grow as a person and learn more about unconscious bias.” Iowa’s athletic department released a statement supporting Dolphin’s suspension, saying it “values diversity and is committed to creating a welcoming environment for all members of its campus community.”


Teen girls, ages 14 and 15, charged with robbing bank

Police in Massachusetts have charged teenage girls ages 14 and 15 with robbing a bank.


Illinois State Police seizes over 110lbs of suspected cocaine

Illinois State Police seizes over 110lbs of suspected cocaine

WQAD.com Why is my tax return less this year? a simple explanation WQAD.com

Why is my tax return less this year? a simple explanation

The new tax law was signed into law on December 22, 2017. For most Americans, these tax changes are just becoming apparent this tax return season. According to turbotax.intuit.com major changes include: Lower individual tax rates Increased standard deduction Increased child tax credit Elimination of dependent and personal exemptions Elimination of some itemized deductions $10,000 cap on the deduction for state income taxes, sales, and local taxes, and property taxes combined 20% deduction for “pass-through” entities (sole proprietorship, partnership, S corp.) Increased expense limits for capital assets Here are two examples of tax situations and why your return may look different You take the standard deduction Turbo tax.com says If you normally claim the standard deduction (The vast majority of Americans do) you may see less tax liability in 2018 since the new tax law nearly doubles the standard deduction amount. Today, roughly 30% of taxpayers itemize instead of taking the standard deduction. In 2017 the standard deduction was $12,700 for married couples. In 2018 it was raised to $24,000. It reflects an increase of $11,300. Single taxpayers will see their standard deductions jump from $6,350 for 2017 taxes to $12,000. So it should be bigger right? The IRS eliminated the personal exemption for individuals of $4,050 per person, or $8,100 for married couples. If you take the standard deduction increase of $11,300 and subtract $8,100 the difference is $3,200. Most people thought they were getting a reduction of nearly $12,000 because of the doubling of the standard deduction. Married with children Turbo tax.com says the dependent exemption deduction was eliminated beginning in 2018. But families with kids may have a bigger tax refund next year since the child tax credit doubled from $1,000 to $2,000. The new law also adds a non-refundable credit of $500 for dependents other than children. “Tax credits are a direct reduction from the taxes you owe so they mean more than a deduction that reduces taxable income.” The income threshold for claiming these has been increased from $110,000 to $400,000 for a married couple.

Quad-City Times HEALTH BYTES: Mercy Clinton scholarships available Quad-City Times

HEALTH BYTES: Mercy Clinton scholarships available

Mercy Healthcare Foundation to offer scholarships

WQAD.com WQAD.com

Iowa board backs police in withholding records on shooting

BURLINGTON, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa board has sided with law enforcement in a struggle over police records regarding an officer’s accidental shooting of a woman in 2015. The Iowa Public Information Board voted 6-2 Thursday to reject complaints that the Iowa Criminal Investigation Division and the Burlington Police Department broke state law when they didn’t turn over all records amassed in the Jan. 6, 2015, shooting of Autumn Steele, The Hawk Eye reported Friday. Steele was fatally shot by an officer responding to a fight between Steele and her husband. The officer said he tried to shoot the family’s growling dog as it attacked him but he accidentally shot Steele instead. The Hawk Eye newspaper and her family filed complaints with the information board when the two agencies didn’t turn over all the records, including body cam videos, dash cam footage and 911 tapes. Lawyers for the police agencies appealed an administrative law judge’s conclusion that they had violated state law. The judge’s opinion recommendation was rejected by the board’s vote Thursday. “The city relied on well-established Iowa law when it withheld the confidential records in this matter, and the city is pleased that the board has ruled consistent with Iowa law,” Holly Corkery, an attorney representing Burlington, said in a statement Friday. The board’s decision said the group understands the frustration with the lack of publicly available information. “In order to assure more public information is provided under these circumstances in the future, the board has proposed legislation to expand public access to the dash cam and body cam videos and the 9-1-1 calls when a police officer is involved in a violent altercation,” the board’s decision said. Steele’s family is considering appealing the decision, said Adam Klein, the family’s attorney. “The family isn’t done fighting this fight,” Klein said. “There’s too much at stake.”


Rain, ice and snow possible this weekend

It could start with freezing rain north of I-80 on Friday night and end with blowing snow on Sunday.

WQAD.com WQAD.com

Exposed: phone scam in Muscatine

MUSCATINE, Iowa- A new scam has been brought to light in Muscatine, in which victims can expect threats and demands for money. “These unknown callers are using increasingly threatening language.” Police say the scam starts with someone claiming to be from the Social Security office. They will tell you that your social security card was found near a duffel bag of cocaine and that unless you pay them, criminal charges will be pressed. “The callers state, due to improper or illegal activity with a citizen’s Social Security number (SSN) or account, a citizen will be arrested or face other legal action if they fail to call a provided phone number to address the issue.” SSA employees will contact those who have reason to be interacting with the SSA. However, SSA employees will never threaten you for information,or tell you that you face arrest or other legal action if you fail to provide information. In those cases, the call is fraudulent, and you should just hang up. If you receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to be from SSA, you should report that information to the OIG at 1-800-269-0271 or online at https://oig.ssa.gov/report.


AP source: Mueller report not expected next week

A report from special counsel Robert Mueller about the Russia investigation is not expected to be delivered to the Justice Department next week.


Muscatine Police warn of SSA Scam

Another phone scam targets area residents.


Oscar-nominated movies worth a look

Quad-City Times film critic Linda Cook shares her favorites and reviews the new "How to Train Your Dragon" movie.

OurQuadCities.com Semi leaves I-74, crosses I-280 ramp, hits tree OurQuadCities.com

Semi leaves I-74, crosses I-280 ramp, hits tree

A semi hit a tree after leaving Interstate 74 near the exit to Interstate 280, crossing another ramp in the process on Friday.A truck was getting off I-74 and onto I-280 when it left the road, went down a hill, up a hill across the ramp going to I-74 from I-280 and ending up hitting a tree on the side of the road.The driver was transported to the hospital. No word on injuries at this time.

WVIK Cobham Expanding in Davenport WVIK

Cobham Expanding in Davenport

A defense contractor wants to expand its plant in Davenport, and it's asked the state and city for help. Cobham Mission Systems plans to spend 67 million dollars, and add 150 jobs.


Smile: Some airliners have cameras on seat-back screens

Newer seat-back entertainment systems on some airplanes operated by American Airlines and Singapore Airlines have cameras.

Quad-City Times Wells Fargo closing Davenport North Main branch, selling building Quad-City Times

Wells Fargo closing Davenport North Main branch, selling building

Wells Fargo will close its branch location on North Main Street in Davenport this spring.

Quad-City Times 'Kids Eat Free' initiative starts Saturday in Davenport Quad-City Times

'Kids Eat Free' initiative starts Saturday in Davenport

Scott County Supervisor Ken Croken seeks Quad-City business and community support for a new, school-based nutrition program that will begin Saturday.


Gary Dolphin, voice of the Hawkeyes, suspended "indefinitely"

For the remainder of the basketball season, Jim Albracht and Bobby Hansen will serve as the radio announcers for Iowa’s men’s basketball games.


Iowa Hawkeyes radio broadcaster Gary Dolphin suspended "indefinitely"

Gary Dolphin, play-by-play announcer for the University of Iowa men's basketball team and Hawkeye football, has been suspended 'indefinitely' following comments made during Tuesday's Iowa game against Maryland.


Smile: Some airliners have cameras on seat-back screens

Some planes have cameras in their seat-back entertainment systems

OurQuadCities.com OurQuadCities.com

Hawkeyes announcer Gary Dolphin suspended indefinitely for 'King Kong' comment

Iowa's men's basketball play-by-play announcer Gary Dolphin has been suspended indefinitely through the end of the season.Audio of his comment after the Maryland loss was also included in the release: "Fernando was King Kong at the end of the game."Here is the full statement: Hawkeye Sports Properties, the multimedia rights manager for University of Iowa Athletics, today announced it has suspended play-by-play announcer Gary Dolphin indefinitely through the remaining basketball season. The decision follows an inappropriate comment made by Dolphin during Tuesday’s broadcast of the Iowa men’s basketball game against Maryland. Gary Dolphin issued the following statement: “During the broadcast, I used a comparison when trying to describe a talented Maryland basketball player. In no way did I intend to offend or disparage the player. I take full responsibility for my inappropriate word choice and offer a sincere apology to him and anyone else who was offended. I wish the Iowa Hawkeye players, coaches and fans all the very best as they head into the final stretch of the season. I will use this as an opportunity to grow as a person and learn more about unconscious bias.”For the remainder of the basketball season, Jim Albracht and Bobby Hansen will serve as the radio announcers for Iowa’s men’s basketball games.For more Hawkeyes coverage, follow @AdamJRossow and @HawkeyeHQ on Twitter and Facebook.

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Former Bettendorf doctor sentenced to 2 years

UPDATE: Paul Bolger, a former Bettendorf doctor who pleaded guilty to more than a dozen federal charges, was sentenced to two years Friday for violating the terms of his bond. EARLIER UPDATEA judge has ruled that Paul Bolger, must stay behind bars in Muscatine until his sentencing next week. EARLIER UPDATEPaul Bolger, a former Bettendorf doctor who pleaded guilty to more than a dozen federal charges, is in custody for violating the terms of his bond. Bolger had been out on bond since August of 2017 awaiting sentencing set for next week. A clerk at the U.S. District Court in Davenport confirms Bolger was held overnight for violations. Local 4 News dug into court filings to find that Bolger was free on several conditions, including to "Refrain from use or unlawful possession of narcotic drugs or other controlled substance... Unless prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner" and to report any contact with law enforcement to his supervising officer. Court documents indicate that on Tuesday, the government authorities executed federal search warrants on Bolger, his business and his cars. It was prompted by three interactions with Bolger, a confidential source and an undercover officer in Burlington and Iowa City. Bolger didn't have the authority to give out controlled substances at any other location in Iowa except for his primary practice at The Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Center is located on Utica Ridge Road in Davenport. After being contacted by officers on Tuesday, court documents indicate Bolger did not notify his supervisor, also constituting a violation of his bond release. Bolger's Davenport practice suddenly closed doors Thursday, with no warning to customers or indication of how and when they could expect a refund.Bolger's bond revocation hearing is set for Friday at 3 p.m. His sentencing for federal charges is set for next week. EARLIER UPDATEThe Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Center is located on Utica Ridge Road in Davenport. It offers services like botox and laser hair treatment. Thursday morning customers got an e-mail saying the practice shut down. One customer named Becky who did not want to be shown on camera but tells Local 4 News she just spoke with an employee over the phone Wednesday, who never mentioned the business would shutdown virtually overnight. "I went in January to get an assessment to see if I was a candidate, and I was." At the start of the year, Becky signed up for two sessions of cool-sculpting, a non-surgical procedure to reduce fat. "I just wanted to do something for myself after having kids," she says. She scheduled her first appointment with the facility. "They rescheduled me from February 7th to the 16th and then I got a call yesterday that said they had a family emergency and couldn't perform on the 16th so I rescheduled out to March." Then, an unexpected message Thursday morning. "I got an email that said the business closed indefinitely." Becky now finds herself short $6,700.We visited the storefront on utica ridge road, finding the lights off and a sign noting the business is closed. We also called to get some answers. "Due to unforseen circumstances, the office is closed effective today, February 14th, 2019... An email has been sent as a follow up," a voicemail says. But we got a  hold of that email and there's no information about refunds for customers.So we did a background check on Paul Bolger, the doctor associated with the spa, and found he's the same doctor we brought you in 2016 and 2017. He pleaded guilty to more than 20 counts of false statements and misbranding drugs. "I didn't know that prior to booking, so unfortunately I'm not sure what's going on this time," Becky says. She's not sure how the federal charges would impact customers like her in Davenport, but she knows she can't be alone. "I'm not trying to villainize the company, I just hope they do the right thing and pay people back," says Becky.Court records indicate that Dr. Bolger's sentencing is scheduled for next week. Right now, it's unclear if those legal proceedings have anything to do with the facility's sudden shutdown.

Quad-City Times Guatemalan asylum-seeker tells his story at St. Ambrose Quad-City Times

Guatemalan asylum-seeker tells his story at St. Ambrose

Speaking through an interpreter, a man identified only as Diego looked out at a room full of people and recounted his journey from Guatemala to the United States and how he and his son, Pedro, 12, were separated at the…


R. Kelly charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse

Chicago prosecutors have charged R&B star R. Kelly with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse, according to media reports citing court records.


CUTE VIDEO: Child uses doorbell to call dad at work when he needs help with TV

A Michigan child called his dad from the family's doorbell to ask an important question: "How do you turn on the kids channel?"


Reports: R. Kelly charged with 10 counts of Aggravated Criminal Sex Abuse

Media reports: Chicago prosecutors charge R&B star R. Kelly with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

WVIK Snow Melt Likely to Cause Spring River Flooding WVIK

Snow Melt Likely to Cause Spring River Flooding

It's been a cold, snowy winter, so the chance of major flooding on the Mississippi and other rivers will be high. The National Weather Service in the Quad Cities has released its first Spring Flood Outlook for 2019.

OurQuadCities.com Down on the Pharm: Increase in QC drug arrests OurQuadCities.com

Down on the Pharm: Increase in QC drug arrests

Almost 200 people die each day from a drug overdose. And the Quad Cities is seeing more drug arrests.Local 4's Mike Mickle takes us undercover with local police. It's a story you'll only see here in a special report. Friday evening, Local 4 will devote a half hour of coverage to the drug epidemic. Join us for "Down on the Pharm" at 6:30 on Local 4 and at 9 p.m. on the Quad Cities CW.  


No injuries reported after house fire Thursday night in Davenport

Davenport Fire District Chief Mike Ryan says the fire was put out quickly due to responding crews. No one was inside at the time of the fire.

WQAD.com A good soaking followed by some crazy wind highlights our weekend WQAD.com

A good soaking followed by some crazy wind highlights our weekend

A Winter Weather Advisory will go into effect at midnight, lasting through 9am Saturday for Jackson County in Iowa, Jo Daviess, and Carroll County in Illinois. Great to see that sun again as we end the work week!   Noticed a bit more snow melt too, as temperatures climbed well into the 30s.   Clouds will be on the increase toward evening and overnight as our well advertised weekend system approaches. The moisture begins after midnight in the form of some light freezing rain which could make driving a challenge especially for areas north of the Quad Cities.  Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for these areas where ice could accumulate up to two-tenths.  This event will end after sunrise as temperatures climb above freezing changing any left over moisture to all rain.   Temperatures will continue to rise just over 40 for much of Saturday as more rain will work its way in that afternoon and evening.  In fact, the dynamics with this system will be just strong enough that a few rumbles of thunder can’t be ruled out. On Saturday night we’ll be on the backside of this system allowing the rain to briefly changeover to snow before ending. Less than an inch of snow at best is what I’m looking at during this period. The next highlight will be all that crazy wind starting around the early morning hours on Sunday and lasting throughout the day.  Sustained winds of 30 mph with gusts winds to 50 mph will be likely.  Winds that strong could create power outages.  So, be prepared! Chief meteorologist James Zahara Download the News 8 Weather App — for iOS, click here and for Android, click here Download the free News 8 App — for iOS, click here and for Android, click here

Quad-City Times Noon update: Mostly sunny before the rain and snow Quad-City Times

Noon update: Mostly sunny before the rain and snow


200+ athletes to compete in Winter Iowa Senior Games in the Quad Cities

The Winter Iowa Senior Games is presented by Health Alliance Medicare and hosted by the Iowa Senior Games.


California parents of 13 plead guilty to torture

A California couple who shackled some of their 13 children to beds and starved them have pleaded guilty to torture and other abuse.

WQAD.com Illinois legislators address minimum wage hike during QC Chamber event WQAD.com

Illinois legislators address minimum wage hike during QC Chamber event

MOLINE, Illinois – Quad City area leaders got a chance to hear from Illinois state legislators during a Legislative Coffee Session hosted by the Quad City Chamber on February 22. The event took place inside of the Element Hotel in Downtown Moline. Democrat State Representative Mike Halpin was joined by Republican State Representative Tony McCombie and Republican State Senator Neil Anderson during a panel discussion about key issues in the State of Illinois, including but not limited to workforce development, the Illinois state budget, and bringing high-speed rail to the Quad City area. During the event, WQAD News 8 asked all three legislators about their stance on the recent minimum wage hike. There were mixed opinions on the topic. “There’s gonna be more money in people’s pockets to actually buy goods and services on the Illinois side (of the Quad Cities), so I would caution businesses to say ‘think about what the impact is on the people in their community.” said State Rep. Mike Halpin, who supports the minimum wage hike. Meanwhile, State Senator Neil Anderson said he would’ve liked to support a minimum wage hike, but said he didn’t have a seat at the table. Now, he says, “We need to find something to give to businesses if we are going to put another burden on them.” Republican State Representative Tony McCombie agreed, but took it beyond small business and talked about the effects the wage hike could have on large businesses in the area as well. “Its also going to hurt large businesses that are already paying a $15 per hour minimum wage,” said McCombie. “We are not talking about what its going to do in 2025 when you’re at a $15 minimum wage.” She said this will create a domino effect that will hurt the way companies invest in talented people. The Quad Cities Chamber is now planning a similar Legislative Coffee Session for leaders and legislators in Iowa.  

WVIK Davenport School Changes Will Make Up for Snow Days WVIK

Davenport School Changes Will Make Up for Snow Days

Davenport students will spend more time in class each day to help the make up for snow days. The public district also plans to add two school days to the calendar to comply with state law.


Patriots owner Robert Kraft arrested on sex crime charges in Florida

Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, has been arrested on charges of soliciting another to commit prostitution, according to a report from WPTV.


Former Catholic priest faces new charges, has admitted to abusing 30+ youths

A former Catholic priest who has admitted abusing as many as 30 youths in Illinois, California and Missouri over 25 years faces new charges.


'Empire' producers cut Smollett from season's last episodes

The producers of the TV show "Empire" say Jussie Smollett's character will be removed from the final two episodes of this season.


National Weather Service: Iowa river have increased risk of flooding this spring

The service said Thursday in the first of two planned Spring Flood and Water Resource Outlooks that the concerns include snowpack melting rates and high soil moisture.


National Fire Protection Association provides smoke alarm safety tips

The National Fire Protection Association says almost three out of five fire deaths happened in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.

OurQuadCities.com Live updates: Jonathan Kelly murder trial OurQuadCities.com

Live updates: Jonathan Kelly murder trial

Kelley Bowles is providing live updates from the murder trial of Jonathan Kelly, who has been charged in the shooting death of Jenni McGruder on Easter morning. Follow Kelley on Twitter for updates or watch her timeline below.  DAY 4: @Local4NewsWHBF is back in the courtroom where the murder trial for Jonathan Kelly is set to continue any minute. I’ll be posting updates here throughout the day. #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 22, 2019 First witness of today: Leonard McGee who says he was there that morning and claims he saw Kelly get out of a white van and started “running and shooting” towards the crowd with a “black firearm.” #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 22, 2019 McGee says he got in his car and picked Kelly up after the shooting, saying looking back he was “trying to help someone” but “it was actually something dumb that I did.” #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 22, 2019 McGee says he initially lied to police about what he recalled from that morning because he was “afraid of leaving my kids.”— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 22, 2019 McGee says he initially lied to police about what he recalled from that morning because he was “afraid of leaving my kids.”— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 22, 2019 2nd witness: Doug Bailey. Bailey says he was at pub that morning and places Kelly at the pub. Says “no doubt in my mind” he saw Kelly “jump” out of a white van and fire 3 shots toward the crowd. #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 22, 2019 3rd witness: Gregory Bridges. Says he was at the pub that morning w/family members. Recalls seeing a white van “creeping through parking lot” as if “looking for someone.” Identifies Kelly as person he saw get out of the van and fire “maybe 5 or 6” gunshots. #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 22, 2019 Back from brief recess. Next witness: lead investigator GPD Detective Kevin Legate. Describes evidence collected from vehicle hit by bullet at the scene. #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 22, 2019    EARLIER UPDATESIt was a packed courtroom today as the trial for the man accused of killing a Galesburg woman rolled into its third day. The jury heard opening statements and testimony in the case against Jonathan Kelly.Kelly's accused of killing Jenni McGruder on Easter morning.The 26-year-old was shot in the head in the parking lot outside a bar.Prosecutors laid out the case they will try to make about what happened that morning. Today's testimony wrapped up at the Knox County Courthouse a short time ago.It was an emotional day in the courtroom where friends and family of McGruder could be heard holding back sobs as prosecutors recapped the at times graphic details of the night she was killed.Knox County State's Attorney John Pepmeyer kicked off opening statements recounting the alleged events of that night -- at one point describing Jenni as a  "completely healthy, young, woman at the prime of her life." Defense attorney Mike Bianucci pointed to the size of the crowd, the lighting of the parking lot and asked the jury to keep in mind that witnesses were coming from a pub in the early hours of the morning. Today jurors heard from Jenni's mother, Vicki Howe, as she held back tears identifying her daughter as well as responding officers.   The day wrapped up with the two powerful testimonies from Jenni's widow, Michael McGruder and Quincy Morrison, a friend who was with the couple when the shots rang out. Morrison also knows Kelly, who he referred to as "John John," claiming he saw Kelly run from the scene and looked to be putting something on his right side but couldn't say it was a gun. Today Michael McGruder described the moment that changed his life forever."I felt it. I felt it close to my head so the first thing I did was I got up and started touching myself to make sure I was okay," McGruder said. "And then once I realized I was actually still alive I turned and looked for Jenni. I just started yelling for her to get up, she wasn't responding."The trial resumes at 9 a.m. Friday with more witness testimonies.  EARLIER UPDATEThe trial for the man accused of killing a Galesburg woman is under way.Jonathan Kelly, 29, is on trial for the murder of 26-year-old Jenni McGruder.McGruder was shot and killed in a parking lot early Easter morning in Galebsurg.Jurors listened to opening statements before hearing emotional testimony from McGruder's mother.   Full courtroom as #Kellytrial resumes after brief recess. Opening statements about to begin. @Local4NewsWHBF— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 21, 2019 Knox Co. State’s Attorney John Pepmeyer lays out events of the night of McGruder’s death in opening statements as the jury will hear during testimony. Describes McGruder as “healthy, young woman at prime of her life.” #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 21, 2019 Defense Attorney Mike Bianucci in opening statements “I ask you to keep an open mind.” #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 21, 2019 First witness called to the stand is McGruder’s mom, Vicki Howe. Holding back tears, identified McGruder as that’s “my baby, Jenni.” #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 21, 2019 Responding officers from that morning now testifying. First officer, Allison Buccalo, confirms parking lot was crowded when she arrived- at least 60 people. 2nd Officer, Jared Tapscott now on witness stand. #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 21, 2019 Judge calls for quick recess. #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 21, 2019 Trial resumes starting with testimony from responding Knox Co. Deputy at the time.— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 21, 2019 Michael McGruder, Jenni’s Husband called to the witness stand. #KellyTrial— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 21, 2019 “She was laying on her stomach. I just started yelling for her to get up. She wasn’t responding.” - Michael McGruder recounting events of the shooting.— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 21, 2019 Quincy Morrison, friend of Jenni and Michael who was with the couple that night, now on the witness stand. Says he heard someone say they were going to come back and “shoot up the place.” Which is when he told Jenni/friends it was time to go.— Kelley Bowles WHBF (@Kelley_Bowles1) February 21, 2019


City of Davenport has crews out filling potholes

Officials say Davenport Public Works has 11 crews out filling potholes ahead of the next winter storm.

OurQuadCities.com Milan fire causes 'significant damages' to home OurQuadCities.com

Milan fire causes 'significant damages' to home

A home caught fire in Milan on Friday morning.When Local 4 News arrived fire crews were working to put out the flames.The home is located near 47th Street and 69th Avenue. It happened around 6:50 a.m. A Rock Island sheriff's deputy tells us the house is vacant.A passerby called in after seeing smoke and flames. The interior has significant damages. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.   

WQAD.com Oklahoma City man loses over 140 pounds to win bet with friends WQAD.com

Oklahoma City man loses over 140 pounds to win bet with friends

OKLAHOMA CITY – A bet made during a night of drinking left one Oklahoma man down 140 pounds and up $2,000, according to KFOR. Tyler Segraves said it all started one night in September 2017. “My buddy and I are sitting out, hanging out drinking, having a good time, and he always gives me a hard time about my weight, and we jab back and forth at each other and he said ‘I bet you can’t lose 100 pounds in a year,’” Segraves said. The now-35-year-old weighed 335 pounds at the time. “And, he’s like, ‘Alright, $2,000.’ And, so, I was like, ‘Oh, okay!’ So, I decided to do it,” Segraves said. The two signed an agreement but, one month later, Segraves hadn’t even started dieting. A work trip changed all that. “I walked up these stairs to go to this meeting, and I was so out of breath from going up these stairs that I was like ‘I can’t do this meeting right now,’” he said. “So, I faked going to the bathroom so I could just catch my breath, and I was like ‘This is where it has to stop. I draw the line here.’” Segraves cut out soda, carbs and alcohol – creating a modified Keto diet after plenty of research. He stuck to healthy snacks instead of fasting to keep his metabolism up. “I could have been sponsored by Hardtimes beef jerky with how much I ate,” he said. It worked – quickly. Segraves lost 30 pounds in the first month. The avid Oklahoma State University sports fan said he wasn’t even tempted at tailgates. He said the results were enough to keep his cravings at bay most of the time. “Once I saw the weight come off, that’s what I craved. I was like ‘I want to weigh in again and see,’” he said. Now, Segraves finds joy in the little things when it comes to eating. “Coffee’s like my cheat thing now because I’ll put a little bit of creamer in it,” he said. “Yeah, that’s my 30 calories per day when I put my one little pump in.” One month before the bet’s deadline, Segraves had lost more than 100 pounds. He offered his friend an $800 buyout. “He goes, ‘Nope, we’re waiting until September because you might gain it back.’ And, so, he’d always message me and be like ‘Let’s go to Twin Peaks or let’s go over here.’ He was trying to like tempt me into it.” he said. Segraves ended up losing more than 140 pounds – dropping from 335 to about 195 pounds. His parents didn’t even recognize him. “I saw him at the gas station, and I ended up buying his coffee and he’s like, ‘What, oh! You’re my son!’ And, I was like, ‘Yeah, dad, what are you talking about?’” he said. His success got the attention of Men’s Health Magazine – and he was featured in an article on their website. Segraves also has a growing following on social media made up of people who regularly ask for tips and advice. “It’s been really cool,” he said. “I think it’s helped some people, so that’s kind of the point of the whole thing.” Seagraves’ next goal is to build more muscle. He’s lifting weights and swimming, since he said he’s sick of traditional cardio. And what did Seagraves do with his winnings? He said he paid off a credit card.

WQAD.com Tortoise thought to be extinct for 100 years found in Galapagos WQAD.com

Tortoise thought to be extinct for 100 years found in Galapagos

FERNANDINA, Galápagos – A tortoise thought to have gone extinct in 1906 has been rediscovered on an island in the Galápagos. Chelonoidis phantasticus, a species native to the island, was thought to have gone extinct over 100 years ago, but according to the Galápagos Ministry of the Environment, a female specimen was discovered alive and well Sunday. She was discovered in a patch of vegetation by the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative (GTRI) and may be over 100 years old. Washington Tapia, Director of the GTRI and leader of the expedition that made this discovery, said genetic tests will be carried out to confirm the tortoise is really a Fernandina giant tortoise. According to a release, the tortoise was taken by boat to the Giant Turtle Breeding Center in Santa Cruz and will remain there under the care of park rangers. BREAKING NEWS! GC’s own @wacho_tapia just returned from Fernandina Island in #Galapagos, where they discovered a female #tortoise. Tortoises on Fernandina have been thought to be extinct for over 100 years, so this is a monumental finding! Photos © GNPD, W. Tapia pic.twitter.com/fhQpIzsHmM — GalapagosConservancy (@SaveGalapagos) February 20, 2019

WQAD.com Michigan boy uses doorbell video to ask dad a cute (and important) TV question WQAD.com

Michigan boy uses doorbell video to ask dad a cute (and important) TV question

HASLETT, Mich. - A Ring home security system lets people keep an eye on their homes when they are away, but a young boy in Michigan decided he could use it to ask his father a very important question. Back in November, this boy was permitted to go home and watch the "kid's channel" while his mother was out, but he didn't know how to turn on the television. Cue this hilarious exchange between father and son through security equipment. As the dad fights back laughter, he asks him, "How's it going, man?" "How do you turn on the kids channel?" the boy said, "I wanted to go home and she (his mother) said I could come here and turn on the kid's channel." The boy's father walks his son through how to turn on the "kid's channel" and ends up with this hilarious video to share with the internet.

WQAD.com Mother, son receive life sentences for killing marijuana shop robbery witness WQAD.com

Mother, son receive life sentences for killing marijuana shop robbery witness

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. - A mother and her son have been convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of a robbery witness in a marijuana shop robbery case from 2016. Terance Black and Tina Black both were convicted of first-degree murder in the death of David Henderson last week after a joint trial that began Jan. 22. They were sentenced to life in prison Thursday in Arapahoe County District Court. David Henderson Prosecutors said the Blacks learned Henderson was cooperating with law enforcement because the court mistakenly sent out unredacted arrest affidavits to people involved in the case. Prosecutors said the Blacks arranged to kill Henderson. "In some ways, this was a perfect storm of different events that took place. There were a number of affidavits on a number of cases that were sent out, but they were sent to a number of people who would never dream of trying to murder the witnesses against them. It just happened to reach the group willing to do it in this case," 18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler said. Documents in the case were sealed because other witnesses and a cooperating defendant were in fear for their lives, leading to "intense" security measures, the 18th Judicial District Attorney's Office said. The robbery Henderson witnessed occurred at a dispensary in August 2016. He was found fatally shot on Oct. 12, 2016, outside his home in Denver. Brauchler applauded Henderson for doing the right thing despite threats against his life. "[The Blacks] initially made some threats, came to him, there was a gun put in his face, threatened if he would continue to cooperate, it would result in the loss of his life. That had a profound effect on him, but not so much that it overwhelmed his sense of duty and righteousness. He moved forward and died as a result," said Brauchler. Terance Black and Tina Black were convicted of first-degree murder after deliberation and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder after deliberation. Tina Black was also found guilty of conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery. "It's important I go public and talk about it, because I want people to know they can’t get away with this. You should never threaten a witness and you should never murder a witness," said Karen Henderson-Atkins, Henderson's sister.

WQAD.com Woman who crashed school bus and was revived was actually a bus aide, may have had medical issue WQAD.com

Woman who crashed school bus and was revived was actually a bus aide, may have had medical issue

NEWARK, N.J. — The story of a woman arrested for driving a school bus full of special needs children while under the influence has new developments, including a question of whether she’d been using illegal drugs, or just had a reaction to a medical condition. Another major development is that the woman who was behind the wheel, 57-year-old Lisa Byrd, is a school bus aide, not a bus driver, according to WPIX. Nonetheless, "she drove the bus," said the owner of the school bus company, Ahmed Mahgoub, of F&A Transportation. "She made her own decision," he added. Mahgoub said that with Wednesday's snow emergency, the driver on the route on which Byrd works was running late. So, according to Mahgoub, Byrd decided to drive the bus instead. Mahgoub said that he's not been made aware of any evidence that Byrd was using illegal drugs, even though it's what Newark Police investigators claim. Instead, said Mahgoub, Byrd had told him about a medical issue related to a diabetic condition. He said that she’d mentioned more than once in the past that her diabetes medication was not working properly. "The sugar dropped on her," Mahgoub theorized, "and she went into a coma." First responders at the scene on Wednesday had to use Narcan to revive Byrd. It's a measure that's consistent with counteracting narcotics, but it can also be used to revive a hypoglycemic patient, which Mahgoub speculates that Byrd was. Some eyewitnesses at the scene insisted that Byrd was not under the influence of potent narcotics. "She wasn't moving, talking, nothing, but she was up breathing" said Sharod Jones, one of the first people on the scene around 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, at the intersection of 14th Avenue and Jones Street. "She was not high," he insisted. "I don't think it was [an] overdose," said another witness. Still, state inspectors were on scene at the bus company headquarters on Thursday, trying to glean as much information as they could. Police investigators still work the case, as well. Law enforcement sources have told WPIX that they believe Byrd had overdosed on heroin. Police also said that they'd found drug paraphernalia on-board the bus. The situation had parents and families at 14th Avenue School, the location from which Byrd had picked up the 12 special needs children on Wednesday, worried. "Who hired you? That's my question," said Taheeda Rogers, after picking up her son from the school on Thursday afternoon. "I don't know why the company didn't do random drug tests," said James Footman, who'd also been at the elementary school for pick up. However, Maghoub, the bus company owner, said that his company does random drug tests on school aides, as well as a scheduled test at the beginning of the school year. On Byrd's latest test, she had negative results for all narcotic substances. Still, the final word will come from the crime lab. Meanwhile, Byrd is scheduled to make her first appearance before a judge via video from the Essex County Jail on Friday. Pending the conclusion of the investigation, F&A has been suspended by Newark Public Schools from driving buses along the route on which Byrd is usually an aide.

OurQuadCities.com Car drives into Hy-Vee convenience store OurQuadCities.com

Car drives into Hy-Vee convenience store

A vehicle drove into a Hy-Vee convenience store on the Avenue of the Cities on Friday.Police tell Local 4 News there are only minor injuries and the cause is unknown at this time.This is a developing story. Stay tuned to Local 4 News, Fox 18 News and OurQuadCities.com for updates.

WQAD.com Pastor who lost sight in gunfight gains new view on life WQAD.com

Pastor who lost sight in gunfight gains new view on life

MUNFORD, Tenn. — A Tennessee pastor who was hurt in a shootout with a suspected car burglar at his home says his faith is stronger than any pain he's experienced. "What happened was literally a miracle, for him to not be killed," his wife, Diana Frans, told WREG. "When I heard that first shot, I thought, you know what, it's over. He's gone." Pastor Brett Frans was at his Covington Pike home with his wife the night of Jan. 14th when he noticed a suspicious vehicle in his driveway and went outside to see what it was. Johnathan Lee Police say Johnathan Lee was the man inside that suspicious vehicle. They say he was going house to house, stealing items from cars. Frans said when he confronted Lee in his front yard, he was holding his gun at his side. He said Lee was very short with his words — and he said Lee fired first, unloading shot after shot. "If it had been an inch over, I wouldn't be talking to you today," Frans said. He fell back in his driveway and took a bullet to the face, but managed to get up and call for his wife. "I did not know if I was even going to make it," he said. "I expected to die." Frans lost all sight in his right eye. Doctors said last week his retina is detached and he will not be able to see for the rest of his life. His wife said she could hardly believe he was alive when he beat on the door. The shooting has changed their lives. "I'm literally having to read the Bible to him," she said. "Any of his books to him." Two weeks later, the couple made it back to church full of emotion, and each day they use God's words to teach and help other victims and even families experiencing pain from the other side. And they are praying for the man who hurt him. "We are praying for that young man. Every day," Frans said. "I can't imagine if that was my child.  ... so we hurt for them. Yes, he caused us a lot of pain. He's changed our lives." Frans said he can't help but hope his story helps not only those sitting in his church seats, but anyone going through similar pain. "I'm still in pain every day, every night, but you know, I'm here and I appreciate the fact that God let me live." And since he's alive, he knows his words — "We love because He first loved us" — will now carry more weight than ever before. "God raised me back up to do a job. He wasn't finished," Frans said. "So instead of being the preacher that's supposed to be dead, I told somebody no, I'm the preacher that's supposed to be alive. God's not finished with me yet." Lee, who police say was shot in the abdomen during the gunfight with Frans, faces charges of attempted first-degree murder, burglary of a vehicle and a weapons charge. Police said he admitted to the burglary but denied involvement in the shooting.


Crews on scene after car crashes into HyVee gas station in Moline

At this time it is not clear if anyone was injured during the crash, or what caused the crash.

Quad-City Times Wellspire is name of new organization to serve older adults Quad-City Times

Wellspire is name of new organization to serve older adults

“WellSpire” is the name of the new entity formed by the partnership of WesleyLife of Johnston, Iowa, and Genesis Health System of Davenport, officials said Friday.

WVIK Friday, February 22, 2019 WVIK

Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday morning's WVIK newscast for Feb. 22, 2019: 85% chance of flooding this spring, according to National Weather Service Snow days prompt longer school days for Davenport, beginning March 4 U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris to campaign in Bettendorf on Sunday, in second visit to Iowa during presidential bid

Quad-City Times National Weather Service sees high river flood probability for eastern Iowa Quad-City Times

National Weather Service sees high river flood probability for eastern Iowa

DES MOINES — The National Weather Service says several Iowa rivers have an increased risk of flooding this spring.

OurQuadCities.com Hidden History: Pioneering contractor LaWanda Smith OurQuadCities.com

Hidden History: Pioneering contractor LaWanda Smith

Today, you'll find LaWanda Smith enjoying retirement at her home in East Moline. Her time in the workforce included a first for our area."I am the first female black union contractor in this community," Smith said.Smith put together a nearly 30-year career, finishing drywall and painting for homes and business all around the Quad Cities area. But the road to get there wasn't a clear one."When I applied to Black Hawk College, I was into my first few months," Smith said. "And, my instructor there said, 'Why don't you go into the trades?' So, I asked him more about it, and he said construction. They put you on a list as far as the tests are concerned, and I was actually number one. So, I got into the trades in 1982."At that time, she was the second female to do it. And the first black female. Smith says that title came with some scrutiny."It was a hard time because there was a lot of areas throughout the Quad Cities, and outside of the Quad Cities, that I had to go to work at, but I wasn't welcomed... because of me being black, and a woman at the same time," Smith said.Smith says through the hard times her job afforded her the opportunity to do what she enjoys most."The part that always grasped me, was that I am an artist," Smith said. "So, I liked seeing something go from the very beginning to the end."Smith retired in 2012, but says her job is far from over."The young people are a big thing for me... is getting more young kids," Smith said. "And, it doesn't matter to me what color, what status, whatever. Just getting them to know about the trades here in this community, is really making a good living. And, you can take this living that you have, and go anywhere with it. And, do amazing things with it. I know we're getting older. And, infrastructure is going to have to be addressed, whether it's this community, or wherever... "


House Dems introduce measure to revoke Pres. Trump's border edict

House Democrats have introduced a resolution to block the national emergency declaration that President Donald Trump issued to fund his long-sought wall along the U.S-Mexico border.

WQAD.com WQAD.com

Iowa Senate panel OKs bill mandating businesses use E-Verify to check for illegal workers

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A bill that would require Iowa businesses to use a federal program to verify employees are allowed to work in the United States has advanced through a Senate subcommittee despite concerns from business groups and county prosecutors. The bill voted out of a subcommittee Wednesday prohibits businesses from knowingly employing workers with no legal residency status or citizenship. It requires county attorneys to take action against employers, but a lobbyist for the prosecutors say they have no staff to pursue such cases. Under the measure, employers found in violation would have to fire all those unauthorized to work or lose their business license. A second offense would bring a permanent business license suspension. The bill requires businesses to use the E-Verify federal system to check worker documentation. Business groups say the system is unreliable. This comes after Cristhian Rivera, the alleged killer of Mollie Tibbetts, was found to be in the country illegally. He had presented out-of-state identification and worked at Yarrabee Farms under a false name. Investigators found the farm did not use E-Verify, though some speculated it wouldn’t have mattered since he used false identification. Read: Agents visit dairy farm that employed Iowa slaying suspect Sen. Julian Garrett, a Republican, says more than 20 states have similar measures.

WVIK Harris Holds Town Hall in QC WVIK

Harris Holds Town Hall in QC

Kamala Harris will campaign in the Quad Cities this weekend. The Democratic candidate for president, and US Senator from California, plans to hold a town hall meeting in Bettendorf on Sunday.