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Friday, April 10th, 2020


QCA hospitals prepared for surge in COVID-19 patients

Health officials expect a surge in the number of patients in the Quad Cities around April 27.

Quad-City Times Honoring Ben Rogers as best as they could Quad-City Times

Honoring Ben Rogers as best as they could

Flags, 50 in all, representing troops and packs from across the Illowa Council, Boy Scouts of America, waved proudly, battling the 30-mile-an-hour winds.

Thursday, April 9th, 2020


Clinton Police Captain, his wife, their 3 sons survive COVID-19

A 53-year-old from the Clinton Police Department is opening up about surviving COVID-19 with his family.


River Bandits missing another home opener

The Midwest League Baseball season was supposed to start on Thursday night, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, stadiums across the league are quiet.

WQAD.com A peak in Quad City COVID-19 cases expected later this month WQAD.com

A peak in Quad City COVID-19 cases expected later this month

The President and CEO of Genesis Medical Center says it appears the coronavirus outbreak may reach its peak April 27th.

WQAD.com Moline scout leader who died from COVID-19 gets special honor at drive-through visitation WQAD.com

Moline scout leader who died from COVID-19 gets special honor at drive-through visitation

COVID-19 claimed Ben Rogers' life, the first in Rock Island County, but scouts did not let the pandemic keep them from showing his family, they were there for them.

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Quad Cities area boy scouts pay tribute to volunteer

Boy Scouts and their families from around the Quad Cities drove by to pay their respects to a man who died from the coronavirus in Rock Island County. Longtime scout volunteer Ben Rogers passed away Tuesday from COVID-19. Rogers had been involved with the scouts for over 40 years. He was also known for being a great cook, friend and leader. Rafferty Funeral Home in Moline held a drive up visitation for him earlier today. “He was honest, he was kind, he was trustworthy,” Chris Langley, from Orion scout troop 123 said. “He was everything that scouting embodied. He showed me how to be that way. If I could say something to Ben right now, I’d say ‘Thank you’ Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family and everyone in this community. That’s probably what I’d say.” Rogers was a native of Moline. He’s survived by his wife 5 kids and 15 grandchildren. He was 67 years old.

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Religious leaders turn to technology to worship during coronavirus pandemic

Worshipers are still finding ways to come together while social distancing this Holy Week. Today marks the second night of Passover, and Maundy Thursday. Coronavirus concerns and stay-at-home orders have made worship services turn to the digital realm. Bradley Furch, pastor at Immanuel Lutheran church says that traditionally, Maundy Thursday communion would be taken this evening, but instead it took place online. “Some have asked me to come to their house,” Furch said. “But for the most part members are coming here, as opposed to me coming into their homes. So members are either stopping by, or calling and setting up a time. I have been encouraging that.” Rebecca Kushner, rabbi for the Congregation Beth Israel, says that she’s spent two weeks trying to find a way to hold Passover Seders over Zoom. She says one of the issues she had to tackle was, how to follow along with each other in singing. “I have different sound files, I have different little video clips,” Kushner said. “And I just say ok, just mute yourselves, I’ll put on the video clip, and you can sing along. It’s a different experience, but yet, we checked in with everybody, and just being able to communicate is the next best thing to being there.” “Take a little time to reflect on what this weekend means, for Christians and for Jews and for all people of different faiths,” Lamar Buckelew, a member at Immanuel Lutheran said. Furch and Kushner say, they hope people don’t lose their sense of community during this time.

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A restaurant in Wilton offers free spaghetti dinners for people over 60

Alot of restaurants are showing different acts of kindness during these times, that’s the case for a restaurant in Wilton. Gary Brown is the owner of “The Sicilian Pizzaria” in Wilton and his staff has been preparing free spaghetti dinners for people over 60 years old. “We’ve been at this since last night we made all the sauces we’re going to need and all the noodles today, we’ve been at it all day too,” said Brown. They are making the meals especially for them since it’s a group that’s at a higher risk during the Coronavirus pandemic. “They shouldn’t be out on this right now so I figured I’d take them a free meal to their house,” said Brown. This is the first time Annette Ksteffens and her husband signed up to get a free meal. “This is kinda a community that takes care of everybody and it’s such a blessing, such a blessing, we’re not suppose to go out and the Sicilian he’s a very good guy,” said Ksteffens. Brown said the first time they offered the free spaghetti dinners a little over a hundred people signed up. As for Ksteffens she was a special message for Brown and his staff. “Say thank you very much, we appreciate and value you and you’re doing a world of good and many blessing to you and we can all pay it forward and we just want to thank you very much,” said Ksteffens. Employees deliver the meals throughout Wilton and surrounding towns.


Masks put on Bix statues to promote wearing them amid COVID-19

Masks were placed on the Bix statues of Bill Rodgers and Joan Benoit Samuelson to promote wearing them amid COVID-19.


Community Glo providing free hot meals to those in need in Galesburg

With restaurants adjusting from dine in to take out, two women in Galesburg saw an opportunity to help feed those in need.

Quad-City Times Mississippi River forecast to reach major flood stage early Saturday Quad-City Times

Mississippi River forecast to reach major flood stage early Saturday

The Mississippi River at Lock and Dam 15, Rock Island, is forecast to reach major flood stage of 18 feet early Saturday and hold there through the day before beginning a slow fall.

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Resthave Care and Rehabilitation posts photos of residents with heart messages

It’s tough being stuck inside, and especially hard for people living in nursing homes and care centers. Most aren’t allowing anyone inside. That can leave family members wondering how their loved ones are doing. The staff at Resthave Care and Rehabilitation Center in Morrison is doing something about that. They’re having residents share positive heart messages. “Whatever we can do to lift their spirits and make them happy, it’s all about the residents,” says Marketing Director Karla Burn. Residents at the center are making heart messages to lift spirits during this time. Right now, the center is not allowing anyone inside their doors for safety measures, so it can be difficult for residents who are missing their family. Burn says it’s a way the residents at the care home can stay connected during the COVID-19 quarantine. “They understand it’s all for their safety. They’re tough cookies, they’ve been through a lot in their lifetime. A lot more than what we have, so they’re really tough cookies; very understanding, as well as their families. Families want their loved ones protected, and we’re doing the best we can to do that,” says Burn. Local 4 News was able to speak to resident Ray Gilbert through his window. Gilbert was a driver education teacher in the community. “The message I wrote, well, I just advised everybody to take care of themselves at this time and do the best we can with what we got,” says Gilbert. Gilbert says the staff at the center is keeping him busy and is helping to take his mind off the pandemic. “The staff here does a very good job; they have taken very good care of us. We want everyone to know that things are going well here, and we hope everyone is taking care of themselves,” says Gilbert. Staff at the facility are required to wear face masks. Some even have been sewing masks for the residents as well as the workers.


2 days of hail, and Graupel, or "Soft Hail", today!

After storms the previous 2 days with large hail, he cold air Thursday allowed for Graupel, or "Soft Hail".


Morgan Ottier balancing working from home with motherhood

Like so many parents, Quad Cities Today anchor Morgan Ottier is balancing working from home with parenthood.


Illinois schools move to e-learning, some Iowa schools doing the same

The coronavirus has posed a new learning curve for many school districts. Students in Illinois started e-learning this week and Iowa districts have until Friday to come up with a plan to continue teaching students.

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Handicapped Development Center to conduct drive-thru Easter parade

The Handicapped Development Center will be conducting a drive-thru Easter parade for all participants of the nonprofit organization tomorrow, April 10. The parade will begin at 1:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the center’s Personal Independence Building, located at 4201 Brady Street in Davenport. While keeping their social distance, Handicapped Development Center staff will be dressed up in fun costumes as they stand next to their decorated car trunks and display signs showing their support for the facility and its participants. Also adhering to all infection control procedures, the Easter Bunny will make a guest appearance and hand out Easter baskets for each of the Handicapped Development Center participants who will be driven around the parking lot. “Since we had to close our day programs and keep people home, many of our staff and participants haven’t seen each other. We thought this was a fun way to reconnect with each other while still maintaining social distance,” said Handicapped Development Center Chief Administration Officer Carol Foster. “We miss each other. Everybody needs this.” More information about the Handicapped Development Center is available here.


Baby born during COVID-19 pandemic; family couldn't visit

Visitor restrictions have affected families of 195 babies born at TrinityPoint Health hospitals in Bettendorf and Moline since the restrictions went in place on March 6th.

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How Iowa State troopers are preparing for Easter travel weekend

The roads may not be as busy this Easter weekend, but Iowa State Patrol troopers will still be doing their jobs. “This year, we’re kind of in more high visibility mode and lower volume traffic stops, but we’re focusing on those serious violations that impact crashed and unfortunately cause fatalities and that’s really what we’re focusing on,” said Trooper Dan Loussaert. Because there will still be cars on the roads. “There’s gonna be some traffic just like everyday,” he said. “The roads are still open and there’s people that need to get to certain places.” Trooper Dan said the coronavirus hasn’t made Iowa State troopers change much when pulling people over. “On a normal traffic stop, it’s pretty routine and it’s pretty normal. If we have a crash or we’re transporting a prisoner or somebodies broke down or there’s another situation where you’re in closer contact with multiple people, then we do have PPEs with us that we can use.” While it’s important to practice social distancing, Trooper Dan has advice for people this holiday weekend. “If you need a little space and you’re together too much with your family and you need to get out of the house and drive around, by all means, just do so safely,” he said.

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Clinton police captain recovering from COVID-19

CLINTON, IOWA — In a Facebook video post on Tuesday night, Clinton Police Capt. Joe Raaymakers spoke about his battle with the coronavirus. He used his experience and platform to explain to the public how important it is to stay at home. “I hadn’t been around anyone really, and there were no cases in Clinton County so ‘denial’ was my first thought but then the illness hit,” Raaymakers said in the Facebook video post. Raaymakers says he had symptoms back in late March and tested positive on March 29th. The police captain says he is not sure how he contracted the virus, and he mentioned at that time Clinton County did not have any cases. Raaymakers mentioned he is in pretty good health. But he says once the virus hit his fever and aches were unbearable, not to mention his shortness of breath. He says it was difficult just getting dressed in the morning. “Even just sitting in bed or watching TV, I would be short of breath and have to gasp for breath,” Raaymakers said. “And, if I did get up and get dressed, just the act of putting on my socks was like running a sprint and would require some recovery time just from putting on my socks.” After going through this ordeal and now recovering from it, Raaymakers says he just wants people to adhere to recommendations by the mayor and governor and stay at home, if at all possible. “The biggest thing that I could ask for is just to stay at home and not have the ability to pass this on if you were to contract it,” Raaymakers said. “It’s as bad as you see on the news and I want to put a face to that so you can see that just an everyday guy can get it and it was devastating.”

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Local man takes Quad Cities on virtual tour on the history of Bix Beiderbecke

Last week Josh Duffee was almost struck by lightning trying to prevent his basement from flooding. Duffee is a musician trying to reinvent himself with a series of music events. He decided to kick off the series with a history of Bix Beiderbecke tour. The reasoning for starting it off with him is because of what an inspiration he was to his own music. “He’s one of these musicians who influenced me at a young age with his music.” Said Duffee. “What he was doing with cornet and piano playing and is somebody’s music that I was drawn to as a young and upcoming musician. And once I heard the creative idea’s that he was producing, it just made me excited to wanna play music.” The focus with Bix was to show his history in Davenport. Duffee wanted to find a way for people to be involved while staying safe during the pandemic. In the future he will be performing some music via Facebook Live. The virtual tour started at the house where Bix grew up on Grand Avenue and concluded at his grave along with a lot of area’s that he played at. “We’re social distancing while doing this because we don’t have a group of people with us so we can just take ourselves out and show everybody the sites because it’s safe to do that with buildings that are still standing where Bix once played back in the 1910’s and the 20’s.” Duffee visited over 10 sites during the tour and the reaction from the public was great as many viewers tuned in and they all seemed to enjoy the history lesson. “One guy that said that his father attended Tyler School when we were standing on the hill where the school used to be and I never knew that, but for him he got to see us standing on the grounds of the school.” Duffee said. “So we were bringing up a lot of great memories for people that have been here for the Bix Jazz Festival.” Up next for Duffee in his music events will be performing some Louie Bellson songs with the drums that Bellson used.

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How t-shirts are helping closed businesses in the QC

“If we can be open, what can we do to sustain and then also help others sustain,” said Derek Dlouhy, owner of Classical Graphics. For Classical Graphics, the simple answer to that is t-shirts, which is all some businesses can sell right now. “We’re a bar with no food, so we’re completely shutdown. We have no kitchen,” Johnna Chesney, co-owner of Public House But they’re doing far more than that for other local businesses. “We have the capability to build a simple website or web store,” said Dlouhy Free of charge. They then design t-shirts and make them for these businesses to sell on that web store. And they have a similar theme. “Got the mask on mama. And they’re the timeout champs,” said Dlouhy of one of the shirts. “They try to come up with these clever little things that relate to it. It’s definetly kept things light.” And orders are coming in. “They’re taking care of everything on their end,” Chesney. “We don’t even have to show up here to sell the shirts. They’re taking care of the online store, they’re shipping everything out to our customers.” All the profits go to the businesses. “The main worry for us here as a business is that our employees, they’re unemployed right now,” said Chesney. “And there’s literally nothing we can do. And so the fact that classical graphics came up with this idea to do this us amazing because it helps give our bartenders a little bit of income during this time.” But for Classical Graphics, they’re just returning the favor. “It’s kind of a way of almost saying thank you to the community and to the people who’ve done work with us,” said Dlouhy. They’ve helped us get to the point where we’re at by coming in and utilizing our services. So if they’re not doing so well right now, what can we do to really help it out.”

Quad-City Times Quad-City Times

Quad-City hospitals say they're ready for a surge of COVID-19 patients later this month

“This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It just happens to be a marathon where your hair is on fire.”

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Wind blows roof off church

High winds blew the roof off a Davenport church just after 5 p.m. Thursday evening. At approximately 5:05 p.m., police and fire crews responded to the Jerusalem Temple Apostolic Church, located at the 1400 block of W. 3rd Street. Local 4 News was the first and only media outlet at the scene. Local 4’s Ryan Risky says the wind’s force increased moments after he reached the scene, causing even more damage to the church’s roof. This is a developing story. Stay tuned to Local 4 News, Fox 18 News and OurQuadCities.com for updates. Got a news tip? Forward it to Local 4 on Twitter or Facebook or download our app on your iPhone or Android phone. 

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“Unsettling,” Davenport neighbor describes seeing dead body across the street

A Davenport neighbor tells Local 4 what he saw as police investigate a homicide. Local 4 News was first on the scene just after 1:00 a.m. Thursday. Police responded to the 900 block of Marquette Street. They found 40-year-old Jabari Scurlock of Racine, Wisconsin lying on a side-walk, with life-threatening injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Michael Hernandez lives across the street, and describes to Local 4 what he experienced. “That was one of the craziest things to have happened to me in my personal life,” says Hernandez. “Where I’m talking to a police officer about an incident near my home. And I don’t realize I can see the body because the post here on my porch was in my eyesight of where the person was laying on the ground. And so as I’m talking to the officer, it’s in my eyesight… And literally 50 feet away from where I live, that’s a little unsettling.”


Gray InvestigateTV COVID-19 Tracker surpasses 1 million views

The tool collects positive test results by county and then compares them to the population level in each county so that relative rates of reported infections can be followed.


5-year-old Alaska girl is serious about keeping people safe

Nova Knight is 5, and very serious about keeping others safe during the coronavirus outbreak. She recorded her own video to prove it.


Suspect wanted after damage is reported at Grinders & Spaghetti House in Moline

Police say on Wednesday, April 8 at around 3:30 a.m., officers with the Moline Police Department were called to an alarm at the restaurant.

Quad-City Times Quad-City Times

Death toll rises as Quad-City leaders urge people to stay home, including Easter

The Rock Island County Health Department reported the death of a third COVID-19 patient in the county Thursday, while the top Scott County Health Department official urged Quad-City faith leaders to suspend all public gatherings.

Quad-City Times Groups criticize Reynolds for declaring ‘Day of Prayer’ Quad-City Times

Groups criticize Reynolds for declaring ‘Day of Prayer’

JOHNSTON — Gov. Kim Reynolds’ call for Holy Week prayers to comfort Iowans caught in the fearful grip of a global pandemic provoked dismay among groups who believe such a message from a government official violates the constitutional separation of…

WVIK COVID-19 Targets Young & Middle Aged Adults in Scott County WVIK

COVID-19 Targets Young & Middle Aged Adults in Scott County

A third person in the Quad Cities has died from COVID-19, and local health officials are warning young and middle aged adults to be careful. The person who died is a Rock Island County woman in her 70s who was in the hospital. Herb Trix has more.

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Illinois FOID and CCL renewal rules changed for COVID-19 pandemic

The Illinois State Police filed emergency rules to provide relief for the renewal requirements of Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) and Concealed Carry Licenses (CCL) during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rules changes are as follows: FOID card holders, who submit their renewal application will remain valid during the duration of the state’s disaster proclamation and for a period of 12 months following the termination of the disaster, even if their renewal application is/was not submitted prior to expiration.CCL licensees, who submit their renewal application, will remain valid during the duration of the state’s disaster proclamation and for a period of 12 months following its termination, even if their CCL renewal application was not submitted prior to expiration. CCL licensees will not be required to immediately submit proof of three-hour training with their CCL renewal application.CCL licensees will need to submit proof of their three-hour renewal training within 12 months following the termination of the state’s disaster proclamation in order to maintain the validity of their CCL license. The Illinois State Police will continue to enforce both FOID and CCL prohibitors.  FOID card holders who receive revocation notices shall return their FOID and Firearm Disposition Record form to the Illinois State Police. CCL holders who receive revocation notices shall return their CCL license to the Illinois State Police. These new rules are effective immediately.


Suspect wanted on attempted murder out of Coal Valley after victim is shot in chest

At this time, the Coal Valley Police Department is following up on any and all leads that have been generated.


Man wanted on aggravated battery charges wanted; considered armed and dangerous

Police say Roberson is wanted by the Moline Police Department on charges of aggravated domestic battery and aggravated battery. Roberson, according to officials, is considered armed and dangerous.

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Scott County consolidating polling places for June primary

Scott County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Roxanna Moritz announced on Thursday that the polling places in Scott County will be consolidated for the June 2, 2020 primary election from the usual 63 locations to 23. This being done as an effort to mitigate and combat the spread of COVID-19. “We cannot call off or postpone the election, but we can take steps to limit exposure to the corona virus for the county’s precinct election officials and the general public,” Moritz said. “Pursuant to Iowa law I have ordered consolidation and combination of polling places. Several of our usual locations were understandably hesitant to open their facilities to the general public. Also some locations did not lend themselves to social distancing requirements.” “Reducing the number of polling places also allows for reducing the number of precinct officials needed to run the election,” Moritz continued. “Most precinct officials are older and more susceptible to serious complications from COVID-19. I especially do not want to unduly expose them to this danger.” For specific information about the new polling places, visit the Auditor’s website. Anyone with questions or in need of further information can call the Scott County Auditor’s Office at (563) 326-8631. For future updates, you can follow the 2020 Elections on the Scott County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Facebook page. Here is a list of the new polling places by current precincts. Bettendorf Precincts: B11, B12, B21, B22, B23, B31 & B32 – Bettendorf Community Center, 2204 Grant St, BettendorfB41, B42, B51 & B52 – Tanglewood Hills Pavilion, 4250 Middle Rd, Bettendorf Davenport Precincts: D11, D12, D13 & D14 – Fairmount Library, 3000 N Fairmount St, DavenportD21, D22, D23 & D24 – Christ United Methodist Church, 2330 W 41st St, DavenportD31, D32, D33 & D34 – Scott County Administration Center, 600 W 4th St, DavenportD41, D42, D43, D44, D51, D52, D53 & D54 – 4H Building M.V. Fairgrounds, 2815 W Locust St, DavenportD61, D62, D63 & D64 – Unitarian Church, 3707 Eastern Av, DavenportD71, D72, D73 & D74 – Community of Hope Church, 415 W 53rd St, DavenportD81, D82, D83 & D84 – Eastern Library, 6000 Eastern Ave., Davenport Rural and Small City Precincts: Allens Grove / Donahue – Donahue Fire Station, 302 Main St, DonahueBuffalo & Buffalo Township – Buffalo Community Center, 426 Clark St, BuffaloBlue Grass – Blue Grass Public Safety Building, 606 W Mayne St, Blue GrassEldridge Precincts EL1 & EL2 – Scott County Library, 200 N 6th Ave., EldridgeHickory Grove Township – Maysville Fire Station, 23630 93rd Ave., MaysvilleLiberty Township – New Liberty Fire Station, 765 Pike St., New LibertyLeClaire Precincts LC1, LC2 & LeClaire Township – LeClaire Fire Station, 201 N 15th St, LeClaireLong Grove & Winfield Townships – Long Grove Community Center, 114 N 1st St., Long GroveMcCausland – McCausland Community Center, 305 N Salina St., McCauslandPark View – Park View Lutheran Church, 14 Grove Rd., Park ViewPrinceton – Princeton Community Center, 428 River Dr., PrincetonPleasant Valley Township – Trinity Lutheran Church, 18137 Criswell St., Pleasant ValleyRiverdale – Riverdale Town Hall, 110 Manor Dr., RiverdaleWalcott – Calvary United Methodist Church, 100 E James St., Walcott


Man considered armed and dangerous wanted out of Moline

According to Crime Stoppers officials, he is considered armed and dangerous.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers extend recreation area closures in Rock Island

Officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have extended its recreation area closures in Rock Island.

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Explore the German American Heritage Center online

Even though the German American Heritage Center and Museum is temporarily closed, you can still explore its exhibits at home through the virtual version of their building and museum. Currently visitors can explore the building, visit the “Power Frauen: German Women Who Dared to Dream” exhibit, and preview the two other exhibit spaces. The staff is working hard to put the rest of the museum exhibits online shortly. Visit the virtual version of the German American Heritage Center and Museum by clicking here. The virtual experience is free, but donations to the center are always appreciated.


Arconic cutting pay of salaried workers due to impact of coronavirus

The CEO says it's to "increase the safety of our employees, respond to decreasing demand, and preserve the financial strength of our business,"

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Rock Island County reports 3rd death due to COVID-19 along with 12 new cases

A third person has died due to complications with the coronavirus in Rock Island County according to the Rock Island County Health Department on Thursday. The patient was a man in his 70s who had been hospitalized. There were also 12 new positive cases reported bringing the county total to 85. Six patients are currently hospitalized. 8 of the new cases consist of a man in his teens, a man and woman in their 40s, 4 men in their 50s, 2 women in their 60s, and a woman in her 90s, all of which are isolating at home. The 2 other cases are men in their 60s that are being treated in a local hospital. Earlier on Thursday, the Illinois Department of Public Health reported 1,344 new positive cases and 66 additional deaths in the state. These numbers do not include the newly reported ones from Rock Island County. Illinois now has 16,422 positive cases of COVID-19 out of 80,857 tests performed and 528 deaths. For the latest statistics and information about COVID-19 in Illinois, visit the Illinois Department of Public Health website.

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We are in fact, bending the curve: Illinois governor

The rate of rise is looking less and less exponential, Illinois Gov. Pritzker said on Thursday during his daily briefing on coronavirus. “That indicates to us that we are in fact, bending the curve,” he said. “There is even some evidence that we may be moving toward a flatter curve,” Pritzker added while emphasizing on the need to monitor data on a daily basis as the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths continues to grow in the state. On Thursday, Illinois reported 1,344 additional cases and 66 deaths due to COVID-19. The state is now reporting a total 16,422 in 81 counties along with 528 deaths. Illinois remains in the top 10 states with most number of COVID-19 cases in the country. Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House Task Force Director, on Thursday said that death tolls “looks more like 60,000 than the 100,000 to 200,000” that was previously estimated the U.S. officials. He credited this reduction in death toll to efforts like social distancing. New York, which is at the epicenter of the outbreak, is showing signs of flattening the curve. Our healthcare system has done a phenomenal job increasing capacity and saving lives. Thanks to social distancing and NY on PAUSE we are flattening the curve. But we must remain vigilant. #NewYorkTough— Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) April 9, 2020 California, first state in the country to issue stay-at-home order, took early and aggressive steps to stop the spread of COVID-19 and now seeing signs that indicate that the curve is flattening. United States is reporting more than 450,000 cases and about 16,000 deaths, as of Thursday, according to John Hopkins University.

Quad-City Times Quad-City Times

Rock Island County reports third COVID-19 death

The Rock Island County Health Department is reporting the death of a third COVID-19 patient in the county. The patient was a man in his 70s who had been hospitalized.

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Community college program in Iowa makes 3D printed PPE for health care facilities

Iowa Lakes joins community in making 3-D printed PPE for front line workers

Quad-City Times Quad-City Times

Illinois restaurant and hotel get $14 million in grants from state, with one-third outside Chicagoland

The grants can be used to support payroll and rent, job training and technology to support shifts such as increased reliance on carry-out and delivery.


MuscaBus riders must wear masks starting Friday

All passengers using the MuscaBus service will be required to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth beginning Friday and continuing at least through May 1, the Muscatine Department of Public Works said Thursday.


Confirmed coronavirus cases surpass 16,000 in Illinois

The Illinois Department of Public Health is reporting 1,344 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and 65 additional deaths.


John Deere starts production of protective gear for health-care workers

John Deere is teaming up with multiple organizations to produce protective face shields for health-care workers in response to the COVID-19 health crisis.

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Now you can order HyVee curbside meals-to-go online

Hy-Vee announced that at more than 200 locations customers can now order curbside meals-to-go online. Through Hy-Vee’s Mealtime to Go offerings customers can order hot, prepared foods along with take-and-bake items. Meals include selections from Asian, Hickory House, sandwiches, breakfast, sushi and take-and-bake items. Some meals come with a side dish, but customers may also choose to add on additional food items to their orders. Options will vary depending on availability at each Hy-Vee store. The orders can be made online at hy-vee.com/mealtime or through Hy-Vee’s Aisles Online app and can be ready for pick-up within 30 minutes or scheduled for a future pick-up time. Once the customer arrives at the store, they call a designated phone number provided in a confirmation email and then a Hy-Vee employee will deliver the food order directly to the customer’s vehicle.

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John Deere to manufacture face shields for health care workers

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, John Deere started the production of protective face shields for health care workers on Wednesday at the John Deere Seeding Group in Moline, Illinois The company expects to produce 25,000 face shields in the initial stages of production which will be delivered to 16 U.S. Deere factories in eight states as well as the company’s U.S. Deere-Hitachi factory for distribution to local health care workers. An order has been placed for materials and supplies to produce an additional 200,000 face shields. The project is based off of an open-source design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the company is leveraging expertise, skills, and innovation of its employee base. “Our manufacturing and supply management teams, along with our production andmaintenance employees, the UAW, and our partners have worked tirelessly to ensure we couldlend our support and protect our health-care workers during this crisis,” said John May, ChiefExecutive Officer, Deere & Company, in a press release. The company is collaborating with the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association in this initiative.The company said in the release that it has adopted safety measures to safeguard its employee as it continues with its initiative to produce protective face shields. Earlier last week, the company halted production at Cylinder Works in Moline after an employee was tested positive for COVID-19. Another employee was tested positive in Harvester Works, East Moline, last week.

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Pickup truck sideswipes building

A pickup truck sideswiped a building Thursday afternoon in Rock Island. It happened before 2 p.m. at the intersection of 14th Avenue and 44th Street. No word on injuries at this time. This is a developing story. Stay tuned to Local 4 News, Fox 18 News and OurQuadCities.com for updates. Got a news tip? Forward it to Local 4 on Twitter or Facebook or download our app on your iPhone or Android phone. 

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Webinar scheduled for Quad-City business owners

A free Crisis Marketing Webinar, "Strategies for Quad-City Business Owners," will be offered Monday, April 13. Times will be 9-9:45 a.m. or 3:30-4:15 p.m.


Deere Making Face Shields

Workers at a John Deere factory in the Quad Cities have begun making face shields for health care workers. Production began Wednesday at the Seeding Group in Moline.

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Iowa has largest single-day increase of COVID-19 cases with 125

Iowa saw its largest single-day increase of positive COVID-19 cases with 125 according to the latest report from the Iowa Department of Public Health on Thursday, bringing the state total to 1,270. There were also 2 additional deaths reported from Linn County. Iowa now has had 29 fatalities due to the coronavirus. Locally, Scott County saw another double digit increase with 11 giving that county a total of 88. Louisa County also had an increase of 11 positive cases. That county in now up to 41. The positive cases in Muscatine County is now 70 after 9 new cases were reported. Dubuque County with 3, Clinton and Jones County with 2, and Cedar County with 1, were the only other local counties to report new positive cases. Dubuque County has the most total cases of those counties with 31. Clinton County has 21 and Cedar County has 19. Jones County is still under 10 cases with 8. Linn County still has the largest amount of cases with 215, adding 18 new cases on Thursday. Followed by Johnson County with 171 and Polk County with 140. Scott County still has the 4th largest count with its 88, but Muscatine County now has the 5th largest amount of cases with its 70. Iowa has had 12,821 negative tests to date. To get the latest statistics and information about COVID-19 in Iowa, visit the Iowa Department of Public Health website.


Davenport police identify man killed in early morning shooting

A Wisconsin man has been identified as the person killed in a shooting early Thursday in Davenport.

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Shooting victim identified

UPDATE: The victim has been identified as Jabari M. Scurlock, 40, of Racine, Wisconsin. EARLIER UPDATE: An early morning shooting in Davenport Thursday left one man dead. Davenport police say they got the call around 1:12 a.m. for multiple gunshots near the 900 block of Marquette Street. Upon arrival, police found a man suffering from life-threatening injuries. After initial medical attention was provided on scene, the victim was pronounced dead by EMS. Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call the Davenport Police Department at 563 326-6125, submit an anonymous tip via the “P3 Tips” mobile app or submit a tip online at “qccrimestoppers.com”.

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Vehicle rollover on Division Street

Emergency crew was seen responding to a vehicle rollover on Division St., 12th S near Putnam Museum. This is a developing story. Stay tuned to Local 4 News, Fox 18 News and OurQuadCities.com for updates. Got a news tip? Forward it to Local 4 on Twitter or Facebook or download our app on your iPhone or Android phone. 

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Iowa beginning to see COVID-19 curve flatten

CEDAR RAPIDS — Although the new number of positive cases of COVID-19 reported in Iowa hit a one-day high of 125, state public health officials say they are beginning to an overall flattening of the curve.


Feds deny claims of misconduct in college admissions case

Lawyers for the parents have accused investigators of bullying their informant into lying and then concealing evidence that would support the parents' claim that they believed the payments were legitimate donations that would benefit the schools, rather than bribes for coaches or officials.

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Truck and bus collide in downtown Davenport

A truck and bus collided on 2nd Street between Ripley and Harrison Street in downtown Davenport shortly after 12pm on Thursday. It appears that the truck sideswiped the bus. No word on if there were any injuries. This is a developing story. Stay tuned to Local 4 News, Fox 18 News and OurQuadCities.com for updates. Got a news tip? Forward it to Local 4 on Twitter or Facebook or download our app on your iPhone or Android phone. 

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Iowa governor: ‘Everyone is getting so hung up on metrics’

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 fight and daily news conferences, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has insisted that “the metrics” would dictate when a stay-at-home order was needed or the state would need to escalate its efforts. As recently as Friday, Reynolds said that if the time comes to shelter in place, she will call for it, “but it will be based on data.” But on Wednesday, Reynolds suggested for the first time that “there are other factors” that weigh in. “I think sometimes everyone is getting so hung up on metrics,” said Reynolds, before listing off the things Iowans need to be doing: “Stay home, practice social distancing, leave only for essentials…” It’s a mantra she repeated three times when asked specific questions about the metrics, finishing twice with a hope that if those steps are followed, the discussion can shift to what can open instead of what might get closed. Left unanswered were: “In the past you said the metrics were the guideposts. What are some of the other factors that weigh in now aside from the metrics?”“What happens when a region hits 10 on your point scale?”“Are there any automatic things that happen when that threshold is reached?” Those last two questions should be of particular interest to Iowa Quad Citizens. The RMCC region that Davenport, Bettendorf and surrounding communities and counties are included in is considered a 9 on that point scale. Of the other five regions, two are at 8, two are at 6 and one is at 7. In the past, Reynolds said that a 10 would trigger a stay-at-home order for that region. But even the science behind that magic number, as the Des Moines Register put it Monday, “remains a mystery.” But Reynolds has been the biggest champion of their point scale all along as she went against the grain of almost every other state that has some sort of shelter-in-place order… in place. By citing “other factors,” she walked that back Wednesday. Reynolds showed the RMCC Region 5 map again during the news conference. It showed 11 patients on ventilators (with 167 available) and 14 in ICU beds (with 93 available). Reynolds acknowledged that Iowa is not yet at its peak of the pandemic as she announced the state numbers: 125 new positive COVID-19 cases, bringing its total to 1,270. There were also two additional deaths in Linn County. That brings Iowa’s total to 29. Reynolds also reported 882 negative tests in the past day. That total is now at 13,703. She added that 2,530 tests are available, 115 patients are hospitalized and 476 have recovered (38 percent of cases). The virus remains in 79 of the 99 Iowa counties. Reynolds also announced 882 negative tests in the past day. That total is now at 13,703. She added that 2,530 tests are available, 115 patients are hospitalized and 476 have recovered (38 percent of cases). Watch here: https://t.co/cvmHYfHIDR #COVID19— Local 4 WHBF (@Local4NewsWHBF) April 9, 2020 Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds shows the RMCC Region 5 map again, which includes the #QuadCities and surrounding areas. 11 patients on ventilators (167 available) and 14 in ICU (93 available). https://t.co/cvmHYfHIDR #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/PLtVxMwm79— Local 4 WHBF (@Local4NewsWHBF) April 9, 2020

Quad-City Times Quad City unemployment numbers soar Quad-City Times

Quad City unemployment numbers soar

Jobless claims in Iowa and Illinois spiked last week as people continued losing jobs or were furloughed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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MuscaBus passengers required to wear masks starting this weekend

The MuscaBus passengers will be required to wear a mask starting Friday, April 10th, through May 1st, Department of Public Works, Muscatine, announced on Thursday. “We realize that this may be an inconvenience to some riders but feel it is necessary to protect our staff so we can continue to provide this essential service to the community,” Brian Stineman, Director of Public Works, said in a press release. The bus service will provide the riders with single-use masks from its limited supply through the weekend. From Monday, April 13th, passengers without an appropriate face covering will not be allowed on the bus. MuscaBus has currently suspended all bus routes from April 6th through at least April 30th and is offering free shuttle bus rides to the public at this time. Rides are available only to the doctor, work, and the grocery store, from 6:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. , Monday through Saturday, and can be scheduled by calling (563) 263-8152. MuscBus fares will be waived from April 6th to May 1st. All previously purchased passes for April will be valid and accepted for use during the month of May.

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Bettendorf mayor: 'We continue to need additional PPE'

In the Quad Cities, the COVID-19 crisis might coincide with the worst of springtime flooding.


Governor Reynolds asks Iowans to "do what they told them to do" to stop COVID-19, two new deaths reported

Both deaths occurred in Linn County, Iowa.


Hotel Blackhawk, The Current Iowa provide meals for workers

Hotel Blackhawk and The Current Iowa are serving up free dinners to their current employees and those who are furloughed.


Local federal courts donate protective gear to health care workers

The Central District of Illinois has donated personal protective equipment to community health care workers in Rock Island, Peoria, Springfield, and Urbana.


Saying goodbye while observing social distancing

Ben Rogers,a long time activist with the Boy Scouts of America, passed on Tuesday due to complications from COVID-19. In the age of social distancing, a local funeral home has come up with a unique way family and friends can pay their respects.

WVIK Temporary Floodwall Ready in Davenport WVIK

Temporary Floodwall Ready in Davenport

Taking advantage of some dry weather, crews from the city of Davenport, have finished building a temporary floodwall along River Drive between Pershing and Iowa streets. The Mississippi River is now forecast to crest Friday, at the 17.9 foot level which is 2.9 feet above flood stage.

Quad-City Times Foundations help seniors during COVID-19 crisis Quad-City Times

Foundations help seniors during COVID-19 crisis

Senior citizens sheltering in place in the Illinois Quad-Cities because of the COVID-19 pandemic are receiving critical food assistance due to the generosity of area charitable groups.

WQAD.com Man dies in Davenport shooting early Thursday morning, police say WQAD.com

Man dies in Davenport shooting early Thursday morning, police say

The Davenport Police Department responded to reports of gunfire in the 900 block of Marquette Street just after 1 a.m. April 9.

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Local federal courts donate PPE to health care workers

The Central District of Illinois donated nearly 500 masks previously stored at its various courthouses to help combat the personal protective equipment shortage our nation is facing during the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic. The donation included 175 N95 respirator masks. UnityPoint critical care and Pediatric Group Associates critical care received the masks in Rock Island. “On behalf of the judges and employees of our Court, we extend our gratitude to the healthcare providers and essential workers who are keeping our communities safe and our supply chain operational. We hope our donation is one small way we can help the greater cause ofdefeating this deadly virus,” said Chief Judge Sara Darrow. Here is the full list of where each division donated its PPE : Peoria: Advanced Medical Transport of Central IllinoisRock Island: UnityPoint critical care and Pediatric Group Associates critical careSpringfield: Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach for distribution to Memorial HealthSystems, SIU Medicine, Springfield Clinic, and HSHS IllinoisUrbana: Champaign Public Health, collectors for the Carle Foundation Hospital


Girl who inspired Charlotte’s Web marijuana oil dies

A girl with a rare form of epilepsy whose recovery inspired the name of a medical marijuana oil that drew families of children with similar health problems to Colorado for treatment has died after being hospitalized and treated as a likely coronavirus patient, her mother said Wednesday. Charlotte Figi was 13.

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67,344 claim unemployment in Iowa last week

Iowa’s unemployment claims were 67,344 for the week of March 26 – April 4 reported by the U.S. Department of Labor. Of those claims, 64,187 were people who work and live in Iowa, and 3,147 who work in Iowa and live in another state. The number of continuing unemployment claims is 97,962. These are the industries that had the most claims: Health care and social assistance (9,632)Manufacturing (9,218)Retail trade (8,088)Accommodation and food service (7,123)Construction (2,696) Here's what's happened over past 3 weeks in Iowa during #COVIDー19 pandemic. Note how lodging and restaurants took huge hit first two weeks. Now it's health care. @WHOhd pic.twitter.com/4K9Te8xncB— Dave Price (@idaveprice) April 9, 2020 Iowans can file their initial and weekly unemployment insurance claim at the Iowa Workforce Development website.


Iowa reports 67,334 new jobless claims in one week

The Iowa Workforce Development on Thursday reported that 67,334 new jobless claims in Iowa were filed between March 29 and April 4.

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Davenport Prepares For Spring Flooding

River levels are on the rise which means more flooding for Davenport.

WVIK COVID & the Arts: Major Funders Make Changes WVIK

COVID & the Arts: Major Funders Make Changes

People, organizations, and businesses in the Quad Cities are joining forces to raise money for disaster relief.


New CDC guidance for essential workers during coronavirus

The guidance is focused on when those workers can return to work after having been exposed to the new coronavirus.

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Student creates assistance service to help the vulnerable

It took one grocery trip for a student home from university to realize, staying safe was not going to be easy for those who are immunocompromised.

WVIK Good Morning from WVIK News for Thursday, April 9, 2020 WVIK

Good Morning from WVIK News for Thursday, April 9, 2020

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Early morning shooting ends with 1 dead

Davenport, Iowa — An early morning shooting in Davenport Thursday left one man dead. Davenport police say they got the call around 1:12 a.m. for multiple gunshots near the 900 block of Marquette street. Upon arrival, police found a man suffering from life-threatening injuries. After initial medical attention was provided on scene, the victim was pronounced dead by EMS. Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call the DavenportPolice Department at 563 326-6125, submit an anonymous tip via the “P3 Tips” mobileapp or submit a tip online at “qccrimestoppers.com”. This is a developing story. Stay tuned to Local 4 News, Fox 18 News and OurQuadCities.com for updates. Got a news tip? Forward it to Local 4 on Twitter or Facebook or download our app on your iPhone or Android phone. 


Davenport police investigating early morning shooting death

Davenport police are investigating a shooting death that occurred early Thursday.


Waffle House sells out of waffle mix in 4 hours

Waffle House just found out its signature product is as popular online as in its restaurants.

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Rick's Six: Windy today, Mississippi nearing crest, and coronavirus hitting young people, too

A good Thursday to all. We start off with a Wind Advisory for the Quad-City region. According to the National Weather Service, the advisory will be in effect from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Wind Advisories In Effect Today

With winds factored in most areas will feel like the 30s all day long, a big change from the 70s and 80s the last two days.


As coronavirus outbreaks flatten in places, Japan, India see more cases

Deaths, hospitalizations and new infections are leveling off in Italy and Spain, and even hard-hit New York has seen encouraging signs.

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Births for Thursday, April 9, 2020


Wednesday, April 8th, 2020


Davenport-based Classical Graphics supporting businesses impacted by COVID-19

The screen printing company opened online merchandise stores for businesses impacted by restrictions.


Davenport-based Classical Graphics supporting businesses through COVID-19

The screen printing company opened online merchandise stores for businesses impacted by restrictions.


Uber driver adjusts for social distancing

Charles King is still driving helping people get to work and the grocery store, so he created a way to keep himself and passengers safer on their trips.

WQAD.com Student creates assistance service to help the vulnerable WQAD.com

Student creates assistance service to help the vulnerable

It took one grocery trip for a student home from university to realize, staying safe was not going to be easy for some. She set out to do something about it.

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Boy Scout Leaders remember longtime volunteer Ben Rogers

Boy Scouts in the Quad Cities are remembering a long-time volunteer of the program. Ben Rogers died yesterday from the coronavirus. He volunteered with the Boy Scouts for more than 40 years and worked with thousands of kids. “He made a commitment and he stuck to that commitment. It came first,” John Dewitt, Scoutmaster of Troop 109 said. “He never met a stranger. He talked to everybody. If it had anything to do with scouting he was in, he was ready to do it. Gung ho at it.” “Ben was all about service above self,” Jeff Doty, Illowa Council Scout Executive said. “The kind of person that if he saw a need, he just stepped in and took care of it and said what can I do to help?” “There was no stranger,” Gary Pearsall, Scoutmaster of Troop 119 said. “If there was a stranger in camp, by the time they left they wouldn’t be a stranger to him.” We asked the scout leaders what they would say to him if they could talk to him today. “Well done my friend,” Doty said. “He left us way too soon, but what an example, and what a legacy that he left us.” “Ben was always so easy going and stuff, and I worked with him a lot in the kitchen,” Dewitt said. Who knows where that conversation would go but right now I think it would just be a thank you.” “I would tell him that remembering him,” Pearsall said. “That he is probably the most loved and most caring person that you could want.”

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What BBQ & Bar provides 50 free meals to hospital workers

It’s been a trying time for businesses as they try to navigate their way through the Coronavirus Pandemic. What BBQ & Bar in LeClaire is still doing well despite the situation. In order to give back they are donating at least 50 free meals to local hospitals on both sides of the river. It’s been a team effort for owner Michel Hunter trying to get everyone fed “Our food vendor, Reinhart Foods has donated some meat to us.” Said Hunter. “We’ve had the Quad City Area Local’s Love Us donate to us and Clinton Floral has provided all of these nice flowers to go with each meal.” The meal includes pulled pork, baked beans, and cole slaw. The goal was to find a way to provide a fresh and warm meal for the workers. “We do all of our stuf fresh everyday so the beans and cole slaw are made fresh every morning and the meat is smoked overnight for about 15 hours.” The local hospitals are extremely grateful. A nurse tells Local Four that right now things are so busy that they don’t have time to make themselves something to eat. This allows them to relax and enjoy a nice warm meal. “We are thankful that they are doing this because of all the hard work that the nurses and doctors are doing right now and risking their lives and their families daily to help take care of all these sick and ill patients.” What BBQ & Bar hopes to also expand to providing meals to law enforcement as well.


Pickup orders gain popularity across QCA grocery stores

Grocery stores like North Scott Foods and Hy-Vee have seen an increase in online pickup orders.

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Restaurant co-owner starts hot meal program in Galesburg

Restaurants are struggling during these times and some are having to completely close down their business. That’s the case for a co-owner in Galesburg and now she has found a way to help during the Coronavirus outbreak. Angelica Mangieri started Community Glo which is a program to offer hot meals for people in Galesburg and those meals are being made with food that’s donated from other restaurants from the area. “It was really nice to get through that first week I got emails that said things like I’ve never had this food before it was amazing, can’t wait to order for next week,” said Mangieri. “There’s no qualifications for joining our program so if you’re hungry, we’ll feed you.” Since starting the program they have already fed nearly 500 people who are struggling during these times. Matthew Clark said he’s glad there’s a program that offers hot meals during these times. “It’s really nice its convenient it really does help a lot,” said Clark. “Thank you a lot I understand you know how much a sacrifice that it.” Lisa Revel helps out with Community Glo and said everyone who’s part of making the meals has to follow certain guidelines. “We have limited people who are allowed within the kitchen from a distance, like only the volunteer staff is allowed to be within the kitchen itself,” said Revel. They make sure to have limited interaction with people while giving them their hot meal. “Everyone is coming curb side there’s masks as must as we can be protected so gloves, masks, everyone stays in their vehicle,” said Revel. All of the meals are prepared with fresh food, they make the exact amount of food depending on how many people have signed up to get a hot meal. Mangieri said the hot meals program is possible due to the help they’ve been getting. “From my heart it makes me really happy to be able to feed people high quality food they deserve and I couldn’t do that without them,” said Mangieri. The hot meals are available Wednesdays and Fridays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at First Baptist Church in Galesburg.


Another HAIL of a storm!

2 days of warmth, and 2 days of large hail.

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Genesis Medical Center is still available for health care needs unrelated to COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas, Genesis Medical Center wants residents to know they are still caring for the community in ways unrelated to the pandemic. Amid COVID-19 concerns, Genesis Medical Center campuses in Davenport and Silvis have continued to do the following: Deliver babiesTreat cancer patientsPerform emergency procedures for heart patientsTreat trauma patients at both hospitalsHelp rehabilitation patients return to their homesProvide necessary radiology and lab servicesProvide behavior health inpatient care “At this moment, Genesis is not experiencing the significant impact of COVID-19 experienced by ‘hot spot’ areas of the country,” said Jordan Voigt, President of Genesis Medical Center in Davenport. “In fact, as the regional referral center, we are prepared to care for additional COVID-19 patients but are hopeful that does not occur.” Voigt says it’s important for the public to know Genesis Medical Center’s campuses are equipped to care for not only people with COVID-19 but urgent and emergent patients as well. “Our outstanding employees and physician leadership have allowed us to be agile to meet the immediate needs of Quad Cities patients,” said Voigt. Voigt and Theresa Main, President of Genesis Medical Center in Silvis, say the COVID-19 outbreak may be having an unexpected effect on non-COVID-19 patients. “We are caring for significantly fewer patients in the hospital, not more, during the outbreak,” said Main. “By temporarily delaying elective surgeries to preserve resources to care for COVID-19 patients, we have experienced lower daily censuses.” Main says people with chronic conditions who are avoiding needed care could “ultimately be as much of a threat as the virus itself.” “It remains important to know when to seek assistance for your condition and where to seek assistance,” said Main. “We are not only focused on the care of COVID-19 patients. We are focused on all patients, just as we were prior to the outbreak.” Genesis Medical Center says they hope to combat perceptions that “everyone else must stay away from the hospital” during the COVID-19 outbreak. They say the pandemic toll will be “much worse” if it leads to people avoiding care for life-threatening yet treatable conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, acute appendicitis and acute gall bladder disease. More information about the Genesis Health System is available here.


Most Scott Co. COVID-19 cases are young, middle-aged

53% of Scott Co. cases are 41-60

WVIK A student and her father discuss how COVID-19 affected their college search WVIK

A student and her father discuss how COVID-19 affected their college search

Kent Barnds hosts a conversation with a senior and father to discuss how COVID-19 has impacted her final college choice. Food, classroom visits and interactions with current students are really important for Natalie. Her father is focused on dollars and cents! Listen to this comforting and reassuring conversation with a student trying to decide between her remaining two choices.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: My Pillow guy tells Local 4 how he’s spreading masks and hope

One pillow brand that started in the Midwest is getting thousands of masks into the hands of hospitals. My Pillow started refocusing most of its efforts on producing masks. They’re currently making 30,000 masks a day sending them to medical facilities nationwide, including in Iowa and Illinois. Founder and CEO, Mike Lindell, spoke to Local 4 News. He says, they’re now branching out into doing more than just masks. They have plans to start using hand sanitizer. Lindell is both spreading masks and hope. “Things are going to be really great when we come out the other side,” says Lindell. “I just want to be a voice of optimism.” Lindell tells us, his task force is designing a website to help businesses communicate how they can help. He says, he’ll be announcing that to the country very soon.